XCOM 2: War of the Chosen's leaderboard may be the end of diplomacy


I think that if they toned down or got rid of some of the new ways to reduce Avatar progress it would be fine. When I played through the second time I refused to use any of the covert ops or resistance orders that reduced the meter and I found the overall flow of the game to be much better.

IMO the limitless Avatar stalling is also what causes some players (especially newbies) frustration, because you can easily get behind tech-wise and end up in a near-endless loop of not really progressing but never losing.


Meh, for me just about everything added in WOTC is nice to have because it just means I have a broader array of choices to make.

Take the covert to stall avatar by one blip a month, to slot that means you don’t get to slot something else, it’s a choice you make. That whole additional layer means more choices I get to make, more trade off decisions.

That’s what I’ve liked most about Xcom 2 vs Xcom 1, in the first one I had only one choice really strategically, put up sats.


Yeah, the sniper rifle with several free reloads allows my sniper to essentially kill all the lost in a mission.


For a while, I had the resistance order that meant any damage = dead lost, the chosen pistol, and the sniper skill that let me take a pistol shot at all visible enemies. I could basically go get a drink and come back to many, many dead lost.


Patch incoming: https://xcom.com/news/entries/fall-2017-xcom-2-war-of-the-chosen-update-deploys



Now I have to figure out which of the “bugfix” mods I need to unsubscribe from…


Let’s hope this one FINALLY fixes the bug with using Big Picture mode/the Steam Controller that was introduced with the Anarchy’s Children DLC.


Was hoping that Chosen attack that drains will power permanently was a bug. Guess it must be working as intended.


I saw a lot of discussion on steam forum saying they were happy to hear that was in fact a bug and they fixed it?!


Ok, it must be this then, and they did fix it.

“Brutal Chosen strength temporarily decreases soldier Will”


Yeah, it’s a big enough list of fixes that I’m feeling the pull of running through the campaign again, this time on ironman. I’m pretty sure I’ll get a few months in, really regret it after a squad wipe that induces me to pick up something else till the pain wears off, and that’s ok. ;)


I found this too, but it is called War of the Chosen. Not The Same Old War But With Some Chosen As An Aperitif.


It seems I wrote it a bit too short. I meant “how affects badly…”


I finally finished it, never played Xcom 2 before.

And it kind of sucked.

Not that it is not a good game. It is just that it is too similar to Xcom 1. The changes aren’t that dramatic. The variety in mission is not all that varied.

It toned down the most abused combo in Enemies Within: mimetic skin + squadsight sniper, but sniper is still too damn powerful. Two snipers with killzone and serial can chew through most encounters except sectopod, with a concealed ranger as a spotter, as long as you set the angle and distance right. The other three can mop up.

As usual the start is pretty tough, I begin on veteran but heavy savescumming is still needed. The Chosen at the beginning is a PITA, especially on missions with a timer (retaliation or rescue). After taking down the first chosen, it is all smooth sailing because the weapon drop is just crazy. After collecting the three weapons from the three chosens the game got trivial.


This kinda made me laugh.


So it dragged me back again. Commander diff. I had just started the game before I went to POE and Grim Dawn. I was bored with POE and so figured I’d just do a mission or two. Or all of them.

And yeah, as someone upthread mentioned, after you get the Chosen weapons, it gets too easy. I’m, again, at the point that I can do the last two missions… but why? The fun is the beginning. When you could lose. I know that I’ll be fine in the tower with psi guys. I know I’ll win the final showdown. Sigh.

Time to start a new game. :)


There’s always iron man and of course fiddling with advanced settings, like turning on grim horizon and precision explosives.

If you turn both those on in a C/I run and manage to survive you’re a helluva lot better at this game than I am. ;)


I really, really wish they would release the Fall update for Xbox or PS4, so that War of the Chosen actually WORKED on the consoles. Right now, its a buggy mess, and both Take 2,Firaxis, Playstation AND Jake Solomon ignores all queries about any kind of patch for those platforms. Something seems quite off.


I also just finished my first game of WotC and overall like it. I do not mind the overpowered weapons too much, I do not play the games for difficulty. I really enjoyed all of the changes to the base game and had a great time with it. It actually made me go back to enemy within as I never played that. I must say I enjoyed the original UFO hunting theme a tad more than the underground rebellion thing of 2. But two felt like a better speed. The map sizes are just right for me in 2 where a mission takes 30 to 60 minutes while the original is much shorter and feels almost hectic because of that. I can’t wait to see what they do with the gameplay in 3.


This. So very much this. Can’t be out soon enough.