XCOM 2: War of the Chosen's leaderboard may be the end of diplomacy


By any chance, do you have a Samsung SSD? When I first installed mine and its special software, Elite Dangerous would minimize the window on launch and it wouldn’t maximize. Maybe something similar is at play? I’d ask on the game’s Steam forum.


I have been seeing something weird with Steam lately where after a game install I need to reboot my PC. No clue why or what is happening.


Thanks. I saw in a discussion thread for the game where someone also said to restart the computer. Did that but the same thing happens. It says it’s preparing to run and then nothing. It looks like their demo is hosed but I have too many games and too little time to mess with it any more. My loss I guess.


Several other people posted on Steam that the free demo won’t run. At least I know it wasn’t just me. :)


I just picked this up for $21 and change. It’s 33% off right now in a flash sale on Green Man Gaming, and you can get an additional 20% off if you type in GMGBDAY during checkout.


God…damn this game is hard. I’m on a mission where it’s timed (only 3 turns to get across the entire map), they drop enemies in from the ceiling right amongst my troops, and a Chosen is tearing everyone up for good measure. I don’t think it’s possible to beat this one. Ouch!

I do admit I had an awesome Lost mission prior to this frustrating one.


Further into this. Man it’s cool, but completely broken on Xbox One. I’ve had over 30 CTDs, about 10 on this one mission I’m on.

Sad to say it’s too buggy to play. I’ll be requesting a refund.

God, so close! If only it’s werent so full of game breaking bugs. How did this pass cert?


That is odd, I didn’t have any of that on PC version.


Yeah, I actually read the WOC is broken beyond repair on the Xbox. They should probably remove it from the store.

I thought I’d give them a chance. Nope, it’s broken!


Damn shame. Really amazing game. Sorry.


I know! I ended up beating the Assassin, felt like a great accomplishment. I also love the levels where it’s multiple factions fighting it out. The Lost are really cool, the Swarm mechanic is a classic zombie trope. Great stuff.

It’s just so buggy it’s unplayable. I suffered through soooo many crashes and it got worse and worse, like a memory leak or something.

I’ll miss it. I guess I’m done with XCOM in general for now, I can’t see going back to vanilla. Damn shame.


Is this something you’re hearing about generally with the Xbone version? My only thought would be maybe there’s some cache-clearing type thing you can do that would fix it if it weren’t a known problem on the platform.


The user reviews on the XBox store and Metacritic both mention the XBox One version being broken. I guess I kind of ignored them in hopes maybe I could overcome the annoyance of whatever bugs. I think it happens most on Lost missions, though I’ve had it on regular maps too. Not sure what causes it, but it always seems to happen during the enemy’s turn, just CTD and you’re back at the dashboard.

I might try the cache clearing thing if I can figure out how to do that.


Is there a mod that makes recruits cheaper? Maybe I can resist savescumming a little better if I can afford to hire more peeps.


There’s a resistance card that makes them cheaper. If you you’re buying a lot of recruits, you’re losing too many people and are going to have a bad time anyway…


So it looks like the game breaking bug had to do with The Lost missions. Not all of them, but some. If it gets buggy you just reload and avoid that mission, or let the mission randomizer not choose a Lost mission. So no Ironman, as I was doing.

So no Lost missions, bummer. But since my Ironman is self imposed (I do three backup saves, two for Geo, one for the start of tactical) I’m back on track! I just found the stronghold of the second Chosen, the Warlock.

Gun git you sucka! Here we come!


Man, this game is awesome. Playing when I can fit it in. Haven’t had a single problem outside a Lost mission.

The Hunter is fun, that grapple makes him move around so much. I haven’t been hit by a tracking shot yet though it’s plenty intimidating.


I’m super enjoying the game as well. Very addicting!


This game has got its hooks in me deep. The layers and choices on the geoscape are a full fledged strategy game now. So many decisions.

Two Chosen down, one to go. I’ve got a few Colonels and several Majors, about to wrap it up I think. I love how the cards work when you get to choose every month. Because of those cards, I’m running an 8 man squad this Facility mission. 6 man XCOM squad, plus and extra resistance fighter and an Elite Lancer. Now this is X-COM!