XCOM 2: War of the Chosen's leaderboard may be the end of diplomacy

Excellent point, thanks!

Bah, GMG is kind of dropping the ball with my key this time. I was kind of hoping to… move to Asia to play the expansion when i got home from work, but then i remembered that i still don’t have my key.

I’ve been waffling about getting the reinforcement pack myself. It doesn’t really seem like it adds anything that great, except a new class. A lot of people don’t seem to like the boss enemies.

I like Shen’s last Gift and think it is worth it. It is a new class after all and even if they are not as good as the enemy within mechs, they are still pretty fun.

Anarchy’s Children is like some mad max reject. This is not the art style i want in my xcom game (even though i like mad max) but YMMV.

I liked Alien Hunters, although i guess it seems like a minority opinion. I guess it completely ruined some peoples’ games and i was lucky enough not to run in to that?

The thing I read on the AMA indicates the story/bosses from the DLC are absent (unless you want them to be there by removing the “rebalance with DLC” option) so you just get the extra stuff to research and other content, like SPARK mechs (?) and Viper Armor or what have you. That’s my take at least. They felt the extra story elements were a bit much when added with the WotC story elements, since a lot (all) of it all happens early in the game.

Agreed, I was expecting to have a key by this point.

Sorry GMG, I think this is it for trying to save a few dollars. I’d far prefer the protection of Steam’s return policy and knowing I’m going to be able to have the game when I want it. Including surprise trips to Malaysia to load games.

I wasn’t going to play much tonight, if at all - so I’ll take my saving $10 over having the game now. I may change my tune if I don’t have my key by tomorrow afternoon.

For what it’s worth I just got the steam key from GMG and activated it on my Steam account.

Download faster, damn you!

Is GMG currently the cheapest offer for this?

that I’ve seen. Got my key immediately this morning when I bought it.

Thanks. I think I’m caving. :-)

I caved. I won’t even have time to play this for a bit as I’m still super into Tactics Ogre and Mario+Rabbids is arriving today from my Amazon pre-order. But I wanted to get the 15% off from GMG while I could and the 50% off for the DLC Pack while I could (that one expires on 8/31). So I saved almost $20 getting everything today, something likely not possible again for many months I expect, and I’ll want to dive in shortly.

GamersGate is cheaper, I’m showing. 33.75.

I had $15 worth of blue coins there, so a no brainer for me. Got my code immediately.

Thanks, but I already pulled the trigger over at GMG. I forgot to checker GamersGate where I probably have a nice Blue coin balance too, d’oh.

It’s like 24 cents cheaper. However, I forgot about blue coins. Bah

You know how devs have this enormous list of stuff they want to include in a game, but have to cut because they don’t have infinite time and money? Well this feels like XCOM 2: Infinite Time and Money Edition.

I wonder what was cut!

Edit: probably the FOIP.

Awesome. Because more XCOM 2 is always a good thing. Super stoked for this. You know when they say in the modern age you don’t get the same feelings you used to when playing games like DOOM back in the day? We have so many games, most of modern gaming is somehow disposable and forgettable.

But XCOM 2 is one of the few games these days that makes me feel like I am having a special gaming experience I will actually remember ten years from now - and might actually still be playing!