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That was the worst part - he remembered not liking it (he thought maybe it “wasn’t very different?” but wasn’t sure!) and he gave it 2 stars in his review, and maybe he had some technical issues? “Oh yeah, it was really buggy at release” Alex Navarro helpfully offered, though no one seemed sure of anything like “facts” or knowing why it was on the list. They seem about to take it off. Maddening.

Here it is - https://youtu.be/VvrgYBXXVQc?t=2h4m37s


Clear as mud.


[Eurogamer] (http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-01-10-xcom-2s-long-war-mod-will-be-more-accessible-to-casual-players) spoke with Pavonis to get a sense of what’s planned for Long War 2.

“In the most general terms, our goal is to tell the XCOM 2 story in our own way,” explained Lumpkin. “Taking the game in the direction we took XCOM: Enemy Unknown - going for an extended campaign that keeps you on the knife’s edge between victory and defeat for the duration. And as with the original Long War, we added lots more problems for the players and also lots of new tools to solve them, but this time they are heavily influenced by the game’s guerrilla war theme.”[/quote]

“The original Long War’s DNA was that of a hardcore mod,” said Lumpkin. "And while we made plenty of effort to open it up for a wider playerbase once its popularity grew, it kept its reputation as being very challenging. This go-round, we’ve tried to broaden our appeal by keeping the lower difficulty levels of Long War 2 more accessible to casual players who would still like to take part in an extended campaign experience.

"Those difficulties probably still harder than the unmodded game in the sense that we’ve added a bunch of mechanics for the player to figure out and master, but the gameplay is set up to be more forgiving to players as they learn the ropes. And make no mistake, the higher difficulties are still things even experienced players should very much lose.[/quote]


Behold the Coilgun, part of the Long War 2.


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I’m glad they are expanding the research tree and adding some new tiers of research - that will be a lot of fun!


“We get it. You vape… orize aliens.”


I liked the long war mod for the previous game, but it was in my opinion, poorly designed. The game was WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too stretched out for anyone but the most direhard fans of the battles and the game went on WAY too long, becoming extremely repetitive. It completely threw out the idea of getting a new little toy every couple battles.

I want to stress that i am not talking about the difficulty. I am talking about the number of battles between something new happening (new tech, new soldiers, new research, new equipment, new enemies, etc etc).

The faster long war option did make the mod playable, but i do hope they go in to this from the start with much better pacing. You can’t just extend the game in to infinity without adding content to match that extended length. The format of the campaign of xcom2 might also limit the extreme stretching as well hopefully.


These guys specifically addressed this recently when being interviews about Long War 2 - they are tuning this to be a shorter and tighter experience than the previous LW mod, specifically to address your very concern. Whether or not they will be successful is obviously unknown, but if it helps they are at least aware there was a problem and are attempting to course correct.

I laughed way too hard at this.


I have a long weekend so now that the DLC is all out I’m thinking of trying for my first complete play through. Given that, what are the current A-list quality of life mods (or essentially official ones like the SMG one)?



I would turn off the Rulers if that’s possible in the alien hunter DLC. The weapons from that DLC are great but those ruler aliens will really wreck your campaign if you’re not ready for them.

Of course if you liberally make saves it might not be that much of an issue. I would install all the long war studios mods and the main game mods.

Also, there is a mod that shows you if where you’re are going to move to will be considered a flank - that’s a really handy one. There are several quality of life mods (show HP numbers, add more cosmetics). Whatever floats your boat there. I would just stay away from any game changes. Some of them are really good but I wouldn’t do it on a first playthrough.

In the next expansion for XCOM 2, the aliens will choose you

If you want to use swords, i would download a mod that fixes their scaling as they become useless after mid game.

Obviously get all of the long war ish mods.

ShowMeTheSkills is a great ui improvement

The mentioned Gotcha is good for showing flanking stuff.

I recommend getting a mod that fixes AWC perks. They are hugely quirky and i remember not getting them on soldiers if i got the soldier before the building, which was dumb.

Also i recommend voice mods. If you like other semi popular video games or movies, having your favorite characters voicing your soldiers can be fun.

Also recommend Height Defence Bonus. I got real tired of my sniper on a high roof and behind cover getting picked off from someone on the ground like he was standing in the open.


I wouldn’t use all the Long War mods. The newest ones change all the classes and enemies, for example. If you want the developer-intended experience, at least.

Gotcha! I think is the name of the best QOL mod out there. That’s the one that shows flanks and visibility of target objects.

edit: woops, I didn’t see that @Murbella already mentioned Gotcha. I also agree with him about cosmetic mods and the early LW mods that came out with the game.


Ah i didn’t realize that they updated the long war aliens mod to include changes to everything. I played the muton centurion one on release and remember liking it quite a bit. The enemies they added were basically commander versions of existing enemies but with new, interesting abilities. Complete bastards.


You know, it’s possible that if you download the LW Toolbox, you can switch off the new aliens and the LW class changes. They also added an extra weapon tier between mag and plasma. I would just be careful and make sure you don’t fundamentally change the game for your first run through.


New info on Long War 2’s changes to the geoscape layer of the game:


Players are now tasked with managing the Resistance within each region they have contacted. Each region has a certain number of rebels who may be assigned to one of three different tasks: scrounging for supplies, recruiting new rebels and soldiers, or gathering intelligence to generate new missions. You’ll also be able to deploy a single adviser – a scientist, engineer or soldier – to each region to provide bonuses to a particular task, and may improve a region’s defenses by capturing ADVENT MECs and repurposing them through the advanced Specialist perk, “Full Override.”

Rebels can die during retaliations and other missions, and even some can be Faceless in disguise. Keep this in mind when assigning tasks to your rebels, Commander.[/quote]

ADVENT will try to move forces from adjacent regions to your location; if ADVENT feels safe in a region, it’ll try to construct research facilities to further the Avatar Project. If you’ve managed to drive ADVENT out of a region, they may return in force to try and take it back.[/quote]

And, whoa, whoa, WHOA!

Additional changes include the ability to deploy multiple squads simultaneously to infiltrate several enemy targets at once. Each of those missions will be played individually.[/quote]


I have an extra key for the game from my monthly humble subscription. Does anyone want it?


I am SOOO excited about Long War 2. Long War 1 is my favorite game of the past few years (not including OOTP variations). X-Com 2 just keeps sending me back to Long War. I just need a bit more out of my X-Com than X2 gives me. I don’t play a crazy hardcore version of Long War, I have it modded for a less difficult version than vanilla Long War, though still more difficult and longer than vanilla Enemy Within.


Starting a new XCOM2 playthrough now so I can bone back up on the mechanics - I’ve been playing LW1. Scuttle seems to be that maybe they will release Feb 5th because that’s exactly 1 year since XCOM2 released and they happened to announce it on Jan 5th - exactly one month before. I hope that’s true. Saw this posted in the Long War Studios (whatever their new name is) forums.


Long War 2 is out!


Long War 2 is a significant overhaul of XCOM 2 aimed at giving players the feel of running a worldwide guerrilla war against ADVENT and offering them a greater variety of strategic and tactical experiences.

Many of the mod’s new mechanics are described ingame in the XCOM archives. Players are strongly encouraged to read those entries immediately after finishing Gatecrasher.

Features include:

  1. A much longer campaign, running for 100 to 120 missions on average
  2. Infiltration mechanics that require you to send out multiple squads at once
  3. Manage resistance Havens and have resistance members scrounge for supplies, gather intelligence or recruit more people to your cause
  4. Nine soldier classes: Sharpshooter, Shinobi, Ranger, Assault, Gunner, Grenadier, Specialist, Technical and Psionic (plus Sparks for DLC owners), each with unique secondary weapons
  5. Two new weapon tiers, lasers and coilguns
  6. Dozens of new enemies and smarter battlefield AI
  7. ADVENT strategic AI that tries to counter your moves[/quote]