Xcom 2


Eh, I think it looked best blue. The green and red don’t work as well, I don’t think. Maybe try a gem die?

Also I read this is going to be $40, so it better be beefy. Though it sounded like GMG had it for $29 if you used a code.

EDIT - 2017E318OFF is the code, looks like.


$20 is the price point I was hoping for. I haven’t been reading up about what’s in this DLC, but for $30-40 it needs to be game changing since I only tend to play one playthrough for each version.


So the other night I started up a new game of XCOM:Enemy Within because I had an XCOM itch. First mission was a farm with a barn at night, my favorite from the original in 1993.

Any way my wife comes in, looks for a bit, and then goes “So is this like chess?”. And I think for a beat and then reply: “Yes, actually its exactly like chess!”.

Which made me realize that if XCOM is like chess, then XCOM2 is like speed chess. Now I’m a chess player, I was ranked a long time ago and everything. I’ve played speed chess, mostly at parks against old black guys in DC. I like regular chess better, but I also like speed chess. Its a different game almost, you have to be in the mood for it. It also typically kicks my ass.

Keeping this in mind I resumed my XCOM2 game and dropped the difficulty a notch so I could relax and enjoy. And I’m having a great time finally. There is room in this old Squaddie’s heart for Speed XCOM, finally.


This is definitely more “expansion”, less “DLC”. Three new classes (for hero units, though, so a typical playthrough will only have one of each), reworking of a whole bunch of mechanics, new mutators for the tactical maps, etc.


Damn it, I may have to buy this now.

Edit: Boughted


I have already explained to the CFO that there will be a payout next month.


I just make my gaming puchases a capital item each year in the budget.


Eurogamer has a fascinating look at some of the failed prototypes Jake Solomon created to get to the modern XCOM we all know.

“We lovingly crafted the biggest piece of shit that anyone has ever made. I’m not joking.”



So I finally picked up XCom2 during the last Steam sale. I’d played through the original ~ 2 times, so I’m no newbie.

I find ‘normal’ difficulty vanilla to be hard. It seems like there are lots of choices and none are obvious (and the others disappear). I don’t have enough “stuff” and my poorly equipped soldiers almost never make it though a mission without a KIA and/or several seriously wounded. I’m having trouble moving along because the choices and wounded troopers worry me…

Which means, I guess, that this is a good game - better than the original! It continually feels like the Advent is going to kick my ass.


So, anyone who has already picked this up, did you find it somewhere on sale by chance? Oh, and by this I mean the new DLC coming out, War of the Chosen.


Try using any of the following to locate game sales:


If a guy (such as myself) liked XCOM 2 quite a bit and wanted to pick up War of the Chosen (just based on how much content it’s adding if nothing else) but didn’t have any existing DLC, is there any existing DLC I need for War of the Chosen? Unlikely, I know, but just in case.

Also, any existing DLC that is sort of considered “must have” that would also enhance the XCOM 2 second replay with War of the Chosen play through more enjoyable?


I don’t think any of them are must have. Alien hunters just provides three unfairly challenging bosses, Shen’s last gift unlocks a new character class although unless unlocked early, it’s not that great, as you don’t see the full benefit until the later tiers. The other dlc is just cosmetic.

In terms of discounts, I pre-ordered mine from greenmangaming.com they are still offering some discount.


Thanks Chappers, I’ll check GreenMan, and spot on with that DLC assessment.

Also, DeepT, bookmarked those sites!


I typically don’t call anything a must-have, so while I wouldn’t call “Shen’s Last Gift” a must-have, I really enjoyed the bit of story it included and the new class was interesting to play.


Thanks guys, it sounds like it’s all skippable, which is honestly a relief, but if funds are available I’ll grab Shen’s Last Gift when I pick up WotC.


For those who have been following War of the Chosen, does this look like players who enjoyed XCOM 2 should definitely pick it up? It’s on sale at GreenManGaming for $30 right now.


I guess that would depend on your tolerance for going through the campaign story beats again.


Normally my tolerance is low for that, but if the new mechanics are good I’m sure I could get another playthrough out of it.


There really isn’t a way we can know if this is the case though, so it’s a bit inconclusive for you there. However, I see lots of articles today written by folks that have had some hands on time with the expansion, so you may want to read through a few of those and see if the new mechanics will help you with your tolerance for replaying the story beats again. I’m kind of on the fence, and a lot of other things drop at the same time (including the XCOM looking Mario+Rabbids, dropping on almost the same day) so I may skip it for awhile in any case.