Xcom 2


How do you liberate a region? Currently there is no avatar progress at all, at least its not informing me of any.


You definitely need to restart. There should have been a series of three missions in a given location. First you hack a computer, second you rescue a friendly VIP, third you kill or kidnap someone. These aren’t highlighted as leading to a liberation mission and some aren’t but if you do that chain in a single region you unlock a secure the network tower mission for the region. Once you complete that in the region you unlock the liberate a region mission that involves taking out everyone at that location including a commander. When you liberate your first region you get to see the avatar project progress bar which ticks up regardless of whether it is visible or not. Liberating a region makes it very lucrative in regards to generating supplies, it also drastically slows the avatar progress. The aliens to occasionally attack liberated regions in an attempt to take it back, though only if there is a neighboring region with a high alien presence.


I may want to keep playing to see this effect. I have had missions to rescue VIPs. I have not seen missions to kidnap or kill someone, I do not think. I do get missions that have like 1 hour or a few days to do, I have been skipping these. Are these the ones you are talking about? I guess Ill have to pay special attention to look for a kill / kidnap mission.

Ill have to google more for a tutorial on this mod. There isn’t much of a reason to restart until I figure out the game mechanics.


I would recommend watching Xwynn’s playthroughs on Youtube. i think he has a tutorial video that explains some elements.


Thanks. I will do that later tonight.


In the longwar 2 mod, how do you find facility leads? I have googled this, and it seems to say if you have a mission where it says find a lead and that mission has a reward as a intel package, then that can get you a facility lead.

Somehow I got one near the beginning of the game, yet for many in game months, I have done a bunch of these missions and all I ever get is an advent data pad. I researched a few and I just get intel, not a facility lead.

The avatar meter is filling up, and there doesn’t seem to be much I can do. I have done all but one of the main story missions, but unless I can find out how you can find facility leads, then my game is essentially over.


You just have to get lucky with those find a lead missions. What month are you at?


I am not sure what month I am in. I am in the 2nd year for sure. So far, I have found 2 facility leads, both of them only had 3 pips. I am still loosing ground and may game may end in several months unless I start finding these much more rapidly.

Apparently the trick is to do missions that reward intel packages. Then there is only a small chance it will be a lead (or I have really bad luck). I am running 2 teams that only take intel package missions. Mostly they end up with useless crap, like a spot to collect some resources or new recruits.

I did install a mod that is supposed to let you assign rebels to finding a facility. This doesn’t seem to work. I have had a whole territory of guys on this for several months and the only ones I have found have been from intel packages.

It is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. I really would like to “win” by liberating all territories, but without the ability to find facilities, this does not seem possible.


As I recall – mostly from watching Xavier’s videos – you have to complete 3 “liberation” missions in a region to get the mission to liberate the entire region. That’s a lot of investment in each region, so you need to pick and choose. There are also repercussions from doing many missions in a region.

But don’t take it 2nd hand from me, check out xwynns’ long war 2 playlists on youtube. He worked on the mod and is very familiar with its internal machinery.


I am not talking about liberation. I am talking about the facilities, the things you take out to reduce the avatar meter.


For others: in Long war 2 you need a facility lead to take out a facility even if you have made contact with the region it is in. I believe the only way to attack a facility without a lead is if you have liberated the region already. You can’t actually win by liberating every region, as soon as you liberate the last one they launch invasions from the moon or something. You can only win by playing through the normal campaign. Though if you take every region but 1 it slows down the avatar project to a snail’s pace.


I know I can’t win by liberating every region, which is why I put it in quotes. I am just having great trouble finding facilities. In my current game, I have made contact with every region, so If I get a lead, I can see it. I am just not getting leads or maybe 1 out of every 10 find a lead mission with an intel package as a reward.


If I’m not mistaken you need to know about a facility before you can even use a lead on it. The leads are necessary to even send people to the location. The only other thing you can do while waiting for leads is work on liberating a region you suspect has a facility. Once liberated you’ll expose the facilities present there.


You are mistaken. You must get a facility lead and then research it. If it is a region that you have rebel contact with, you can see it, otherwise not. In any case, the issue is getting the leads in the first place.


So the anniversary of the release of Enemy Unknown is October 9th, and the XCOM guys have been doing some livestreams. They have had designers out showing cut content from both games and some other stuff. They have several more planned, culminating in some sort of surprise on the 9th.

Apparently there are reasons to think the surprise is the announcement of a new expansion (codenamed/called TLE). https://www.reddit.com/r/Xcom/comments/980yus/an_indepth_analysis_of_the_upcoming_tle_expansion/

I don’t follow this stuff closely enough to have been aware, but I’m cautiously excited.

See also: https://www.reddit.com/r/Xcom/comments/9jot3y/this_image_to_promote_the_next_livestream_was/


I’m up for another expansion although I think it would need to include changes or alternate paths to the main quest - not just because the pacing was somewhat worse in WOTC but just because there’s only so many times I really care to run the same mostly-identical story layouts.


Speculation seems to center on something between XCOM:EU and XCOM2.

A new story using a mix of remastered stuff from EU and existing XCOM2 assets but using the XCOM 2 tactical and character systems would be pretty cool.


Oh yes… please let it be another expansion!


More XCOM is always good. In whatever form that may be.


How about XCOM 3? I want some game play fixes.
I want there always to be easy missions so that you can level up low level soldiers.
I want a run distance for my soldiers such that if I move half-way in my first move, that I can then move again and still get another action as long as I didn’t move a total of 10 squares, etc…

I also want different victory conditions, not just the avatar crap.