Xcom 2


It plays like a condensed XCOM 2. And that’s not a bad thing at all.


That’s great news as I wasn’t expecting much either. Nice unexpected little gift then. :)


just don’t forget to use halo armor mods, they are that cool!


They did a nice job with the narration. Simple stuff, but it adds to the vibe of the game. This DLC is really a pleasant surprise.


I’ve played the first series of legacy missions. Nobody told me this is semi-ironman (no quicksave, one ironman save, but you can restart a mission with a score penalty, and the missions aren’t randomised). This is not for newbies but people who are reasonably familar with the tactical combat. If you’ve been savescumming to victory, then this will not be easy.

At least I can move at snail pace and try to trigger one pod at a time.


How do you access new missions - are they an upfront menu option?


Yeah, there’s a Legacy Hub menu option at the front screen.


I played the first few missions and enjoyed it as a fun change of pace.

However, the between mission upgrade options are pretty laughable. I am not sure if they are randomized or scripted, but giving me the option between upgrading my grenades to a different damage type or giving them the high end wraith and war suit armor is just silly.


Anybody got XCOM 2 on PS4 (i.e. pretty much any recent PS+ subscriber)? Anybody want a 50% off WOTC voucher for the Playstation Store (makes it $20)?

Let me know. Expires on October 20th.

EDIT: Critical hit! It’s gone.


PM’d you.


Of course Bradford is from Kansas.


I used to find Bradford annoying and thought of him as nothing more than a paper pusher in command.
As it turns out, he is quite the bad ass.

I just wish he wouldn’t yell at you so much during the normal campaign missions.


There’s an official campaign option now that reduces the amount of yelling he does. Put in because the “Shut Up Bradford” mod was one of the most popular :)


Base game is $12.99 on Fanatical, while supplies last. This is a historical low price.



Well this prompted me to finally get War of the Chosen - holy hell a 62GB download?


I know I sound like a broken record at this point (talk about dating myself BTW), but did they ever fix the stupid “upcoming events queue” bug that occurs when using the Steam Controller? The one that they introduced with the very first DLC and makes the game unplayable (it registers a click on the button as a double click, so the queue opens and immediately closes)? Did they ever patch the PC game to support other controllers?


I just re-installed this, hooked up my Xbox controller, and went through about a half hour of hell trying to make it work before I uninstalled it again. I’m not sure what hoops you have to jump through to make it work correctly, but stuff like this seriously pisses me off from a full price AAA game.

It’s not just the fact that it doesn’t work, there are all kinds of bugs associated with trying to switch between controller and mouse in the in game menu. It’s like there has been zero QA done on this menu at all, as these aren’t obscure problems to find.


With the Chosen expansion on sale for $17 at GMG I finally broke down and purchased it. I loved the first XCOM but something about the 2nd never excited me. I hope that with the expansion I can get into it properly now.


I’m really enjoying the new content. I just wish there was a way to color uniforms. I really got used to knowing where each and every soldier was at a glance.


I see it on sale. I am tempted. I never really dug into XCom or XCom 2 despite theoretically being into it. What specifically does War of the Chosen add? Does it weave into standard XCom2 such that it would be good to by then start a full game for realzy? Or it is really just for folks that played through XCom2 already?