XCOM: Enemy Unknown


By Fireaxis, full on strategy game.

I wonder what this means for the other game?

Oh thank God.

Ummm, wow. I was afraid that we’d never get another “true” X-COM. I can’t give them my money fast enough. Though I’d feel even better if they called it “X-COM” and not “XCOM”. Baby steps…

Wow, really?!

Too bad Soren Johnsen won’t be working on it.

Wait. Unreal Engine 3?!?

And the article mentioned turn-based. Bestill my heart.

I’m interrupting my self imposed exile to say it is about god damn time.

Yeah, I want to know a bit more, but this certainly sounds about 10,000 times more interesting than the FPS XCOM that is haltingly under development.

I guess they used “XCOM” to cross-promote the shooter too?

Per the last time this came up:

It looks like 2k Green light 2 X-com titles at once.

The hyphen may no longer matter, but the subtitle still does.

So is this a reimagining/reboot of the original, a sequel, or something else entirely?

Hot damn! Hope this turns out well.

Sweet, Firaxis is a great studio. This could be excellent.

Trying not to get too excited…trying not to get too excited…

Now we only need for Soren, Brian Reynolds and Jon Shaffer to return to Firaxis ;_;

“entirely new story and gameplay experience”

These snippets from that article do not inspire confidence.

/Hopeful mood.

The game’s planned release date is in the fall, I wonder how long it has been under development then? Since its coming out for consoles too, I hope they don’t try to shoehorn console UI and controls into the PC counterpart. Still, cannot wait!

Wow, far out!

Boggle boggle boggle.