Xenoblade Chronicles 2: that waifu that you do


So, I’m kind of barrelling toward the endgame. I just started Chapter 9. I’m curious, where’s the point of no return? I already blew past the one that stops me from going back to Indol, but I’m wondering if there’s a point like in most JRPGs right before the final boss where I can stop to go finish up my sidequests? Or should I just do those now, before getting too much into Chapter 9?


You already hit the only point where any kind of lockout happens.


I’m avoiding spoilers, so sorry if this has been asked, but I have a question about the Expansion Pass.

Would it be best to buy the expansion pass before I get too far into the game, or is the expansion pass content only useful at end-game?

I would like to avoid finishing the game and then finding out the EP content isn’t end-game stuff, but quests for all levels.


If you’re going to buy it, buy it now. Prior to the New torna expansion thing it was all stuff you did mid game.




I’ve recently got back into this and I was wondering the same thing. I’ve just started chapter 8 and I’m around level 60. I was under the impression most of the expansion pass was mostly just items and fetch quests, and the recent challenge mode which is really more end-game. Am I missing something that would make this worth $30?


The new expansion due in September is a story-based prequel adventure. Unsure as to it’s scope at this time.

Other than that, yeah it’s mostly a bunch of new quests, blades, and items. The quests integrate with the main game, some from as early as Chapter 2.


Got this last month and have played it a bit but I’m only at level 11 I think (maybe 12) with a couple of unique Blades that I use and a bunch of generic ones I don’t.

I’m kind of at a wall at the second major hub-town in that I can easily kill stuff at level 7 or 8 (rabbit things and whatnot), but if I tangle with something of my level I get destroyed. Am I missing some indicator as to special monsters that might be level 10 but are stronger than normal level 10s? And the quests also mostly seem way above my level as I tried one and followed it until I ran to some rescue point and immediately got creamed. Should I just keep grinding levels on the 5-7 range creatures? Am I doing something wrong? Do I just suck?


If the enemy has a unique name, then it’s stronger than the level indicates. Otherwise, the level of the monster is roughly the level they expect you to be to handle it. In general level means a lot in the game and there isn’t a lot of avenue to “reach above your level” aside from Blade super combos so you should just generally not fight anything higher level than you, especially early on. Don’t forget to go to the inn to spend your “bonus” XP from quests and such. You might be sitting on levelups.


I don’t remember hitting any walls, but there certainly are random things out there in the world that can crush you along with quests that you can’t do yet. Almost all JRPGs reward a bit of grinding, but you shouldn’t have to do all that much if any to progress the main story.


Hmmkay. I’ll get back out there. I usually play detached so maybe I’m missing something on the small screen about the guys that keep killing me being named. I figured I was missing something due to the sudden ass-kicking I was taking from certain monsters that appeared they should be killable for me.

And I remembered at one point to rest at an inn, but it didn’t seem to give me too much xp.

Anyway, still like the game and want to get deeper into it.


I think resting at an inn doesn’t give you xp, it lets you level up with the xp you’ve been accumulating. But I put the game aside half-way through and may not be remembering it entirely accurately.


Excluding torna this season pass is without any doubt the worst I have ever purchased. That is coming from a huge fan of the series who liked this game.

It remains to be seen if torna makes it worth 30.


Haha well I wish I had read this before I bought the DLC an hour ago!


Well, join me in hoping that the torna DLC is worth around $20 on its own.


If i remember right quest exp is only applied when you rest. They did this to let you control your level somewhat if you think you’re getting too high. So basically you must not have done many quests before resting at the inn.

This is a xenoblade game and they are (in)famous for putting VERY high level enemies among lower level enemies. You are probably being attacked by a super high level enemy that is paroling the area. Right or wrong, you need to watch out for things like that in this series.

That said comments about named enemies are accurate. Their power level varies wildly. Some can be killed at even level and some are challenging even at +5 levels. Generally, if you attack them at even level i would expect to die though.


Thanks all. In do see giant monsters that are obviously welll above my level running around the area and have been crushed by them a few times. The monster I’m mostly speaking of is a ‘moonlighting something’. Doesn’t sound like a unique name but maybe it is. Cuz it’s only level 10 and kills me easily.


The unique monsters will have a different name plate over their heads. It’ll have a big purple fluer-de-lis thing over its head. At least for the level 8 ass-handed-rabbit thing with the club just outside the gate near town.

A combat timer also pops up on the left side of the screen when it’s engaged too.

I’ve passed on the expansion pass for now, sounds terrible at the moment. Maybe fall’s story expansion will be worth it. Apparently it’ll be sold without the bundle too.


This game needs Link’s hang glider. Lots of good places to jump from, plenty of good places to fly over, but I’m stuck sliding along the ground like a slug.


whoops. Sorry - not enough coffee