Xenoblade Chronicles 2: that waifu that you do


I just encountered this. Funny.

Still, all of that stuff aside, the game is quite fun and well done.


I seem to be the only one that considers XCX the best of the lot. I was not enamoured by XC’s story but the character development was better. On the flip side in XCX the World is a character which has plenty of depth. Seems XC2 won’t dethrone XCX in my heart (waiting for the weekend to play it).


I found this a super helpful cheat sheet to the combat.


Pretty cool, and a very satisfying system - I’ve yet to do a 3-orb special!

And there’s also the driver combos - break/topple/launch/smash. You get even more damage for a special that lands during one of those status effects!

Note your character portraits at bottom left will flash if one of them has a special ready to chain too.

There was a pretty decent explanation of the system on the Treehouse Log, for any curious parties:


Ah, I didn’t realize the little white orbs circling the character portrait indicated the level of their special. Helpful!

Now someone tell me what “fusion” is a reference to.



It’s the Blade special pulled off while a Driver combo countdown timer is active. They’re called Fusion Combos, and you’ll see “Topple X Volcano” or similar on screen when you do one.

Here's a pic I found


Ah, right, I’ve seen those. What do you mean they’re “blade specials”? Specific to certain blades? Or just the same thing that you mentioned when you said this?

If I just have to topple, break, launch, or smash someone while I’ve got a driver combo, I’m wondering why I’m not seeing a lot more of them.



Sorry, I mis-spoke - it’s just called a ‘Special’ in the game (the A button).

But they are moves specific to each rare Blade. Common Blades’ specials are based on the weapon they use.

Or just the same thing that you mentioned when you said this?

Yeah I was trying to describe Fusion Combo there.

If I just have to topple, break, launch, or smash someone while I’ve got a driver combo, I’m wondering why I’m not seeing a lot more of them.

Break, topple, etc. is the Driver combo, and one of those needs to be active first. Then do a Special.

But I don’t think it’s enough to just trigger the Special, you have to complete the QTE button prompts and whatnot while the topple, break, etc. timer is still visible.

They may be happening more often and you’re just missing them during the insane lightshow! Easy to do. :)


I also didn’t realize this… it’s very helpful.

The combat in this game really is quite well done, especially for a JRPG.


I agree, I’m having a lot of fun with the combat mechanics.

As an aside, my friend and I were just talking the other day about how bad combat tends to be in MMOs. They’re constrained by latency to some degree, but they’re just so bland and shallow it really limits what could have been done with the genre. I think a system along the lines of what we have here would have translated really well and opened up a higher player skill ceiling.


That’s a funny comment because people got upset with Xenoblade Chronicles X because the rest of the game was more like an MMO! You’re right though. MMORPGs need combat that has more skill/strategy, the likes of which they build into these games.

December 25th can’t come soon enough. :)


In some ways, it’s actually similar to LOTRO’s combat system, although perhaps deeper.


Thanks for posting the helpful resources on combat. I still don’t fully understand it, but I do understand it better now. The combat kind of reminds me of a pinball table, where you are trying to build up combos and hit targets in a certain order.


There are games that have at least tried to have a higher skill component, like Tera. Glad you guys are enjoying this, but from the outside it seems needlessly complicated. I like some depth, mind you, but this seems rather overkill. Bear in mind I prefer turn-based to real-time to start with, so I have an inherent bias there.


Thus far, I don’t think it’s over-complicated, my main struggle has just been that it’s very different than what I"m used to. I find myself picking it up pretty quickly, though, and at the stage of the game I’m in all those possibilities aren’t necessary to win boss encounters. That may change as the game progresses, but I’m hoping my familiarity with the systems will keep pace as well.


Probably the most important thing for people to know in case they missed it, is that flora heals an aching soul.


You know what sucks balls?
When rare cores turn into generic blades. Fuck that noise.


That just happened to me, when I played for 30 minutes at lunch! Yay!

On another topic, has anyone else had this problem? When I play with my Joycon, my character moves slow (walks instead of runs) when I run directly forward/up. To go full speed, I basically have to tack like I’m sailing a pirate ship. This A) only happens with my Joycon, not the pro controller B) only happens in Xenoblade and C) isn’t a problem with the stick, as the calibration tool shows everything is great.

I’ve seen similar posts from others, some saying they have the problem with their Pro controller, not the joycon. Any idea on what I might try, other than calibrating (which I already did)?


They just have a greater chance of producing a rare blade. You want them to be guaranteed? Then I guess they’d have to seriously slash the drop frequency of them otherwise I’d have half the rares by now. And there is already a ‘guaranteed’ tier in the game, which are the named cores.

To increase the chances, spend the boosters as well.


I was just saying it’s annoying.

Like getting socks on Christmas.