Xenoblade Chronicles 2: that waifu that you do


There are games that have at least tried to have a higher skill component, like Tera. Glad you guys are enjoying this, but from the outside it seems needlessly complicated. I like some depth, mind you, but this seems rather overkill. Bear in mind I prefer turn-based to real-time to start with, so I have an inherent bias there.


Thus far, I don’t think it’s over-complicated, my main struggle has just been that it’s very different than what I"m used to. I find myself picking it up pretty quickly, though, and at the stage of the game I’m in all those possibilities aren’t necessary to win boss encounters. That may change as the game progresses, but I’m hoping my familiarity with the systems will keep pace as well.


Probably the most important thing for people to know in case they missed it, is that flora heals an aching soul.


You know what sucks balls?
When rare cores turn into generic blades. Fuck that noise.


That just happened to me, when I played for 30 minutes at lunch! Yay!

On another topic, has anyone else had this problem? When I play with my Joycon, my character moves slow (walks instead of runs) when I run directly forward/up. To go full speed, I basically have to tack like I’m sailing a pirate ship. This A) only happens with my Joycon, not the pro controller B) only happens in Xenoblade and C) isn’t a problem with the stick, as the calibration tool shows everything is great.

I’ve seen similar posts from others, some saying they have the problem with their Pro controller, not the joycon. Any idea on what I might try, other than calibrating (which I already did)?


They just have a greater chance of producing a rare blade. You want them to be guaranteed? Then I guess they’d have to seriously slash the drop frequency of them otherwise I’d have half the rares by now. And there is already a ‘guaranteed’ tier in the game, which are the named cores.

To increase the chances, spend the boosters as well.


I was just saying it’s annoying.

Like getting socks on Christmas.


And then I am reminded of the difficulty in trying to get people to use skillchains and magic bursts in FFXI, even with its relatively sedate pace of combat. I don’t envision much success with any sort of elaborate combo system in MMORPGs, post-WoW.


Ah, yeah. Worse for me though is:

Silver salvage cylinder. Field skill salvage bonus. 3 perfectly-timed button presses -> “Load of guff”… :)


As a Destiny fan, the apparently confusing, poorly explained systems here intrigue me…


Almost 50 hours in. And I just got another tutorial screen. :)


I just unlocked Dahlia, and I think it crossed some kind of line in appropriateness.



So is the sequence of blade unlocks really random? Surely it’s not just the whims of fate that determine the order we find folks? I’ve probably got about half of the scripted blades unlocked and I haven’t met a Dahlia yet. Don’t spoil her!

I will say there are a couple of fun exceptions, or at least variations, to the usual waifu cheesecake.



You have not seen cheesecake.


Pretty sure the Rare Blades you can get from resonating with the core crystals are mostly random - but there’s the possibility you can influence who you get by using the idea boosters. Potentially some are locked behind certain level of idea stats? That part is all still kind of a mystery…

I reckon though that if you compared our rare blade lists, they’d be different. For example, apart from the story blades and the side quest crystals, I’ve got Zenobia, Kora, Boreas, Godfrey, and Agate (names only, nothing too spoilery).

I’m not familiar with Dahlia (or Nim from the front page article picture) yet either.

And I just got into a fight with some new Torna Drivers and their Blades. I’d rather be using them, they look pretty cool… :)

How do you know this btw? From looking in the Blade Album?


Uh…wow. Now I don’t feel so bad about playing Fate Grand Order.

On second thought…yeah I still feel bad.


That idea nonsense – justice, truth, bravery, impertinence, or whatever – is so goddamn annoying. I presume unlocking blades is a fundamental part of the gameplay, and it’s obvious from the boosters that ideas are part of it. But if there’s been so much as a whisper about the ideas system in the tutorials or anywhere else, I haven’t seen or heard it.

Yep. I’m assuming that’s the full catalog. I’ve got about half the silhouettes colored in. Do you know something I don’t?

And if you don’t have Nim yet, that seals it. She was one of the first I got. I just figured everyone got her right off the bat. I mean, how else are you talking to the feroxes???

And from your list of names, I think there’s folks in there I haven’t seen yet.

Heh. Who here played Hunie Pop? Show of hands? Anyone? No? Really? No one? Well, me either, of course. I just thought I’d ask.



No I only have default-level knowledge. :) By ‘scripted blades’ I just thought you meant the ones given as part of the story or quests, and wondered how you knew the total number of those. You can kind of tell by looking at the Album because they all seem to be listed first, before the ones that come from random Core Crystals…

Talking to the what now? Are those the little 3-tailed fox things I’ve seen around the place? I’ve never been able to do anything with them!

I have about 40 Core Crystals waiting to be opened though. I’ve held off because until very recently I didn’t have Drivers for any new Rares to go on, and the lack of Overdrive Protocols makes me nervous that I won’t be able to easily transfer them.


I haven’t found her yet, but I found this among the GIS results.


I literally LOL’d at the actual artwork for her, though. My first thought is that it would be inhumane to take her into battle, just thinking of all the back problems…