Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

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Oh hello there.

This is my first post ever, after much lurking. Please forgive me if I violate decorum, but I hope I am not. I didn’t see any other threads on this, so thought I’d start one.

So… Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. I played the Wii version back in 2011 and loved it, after spending too much time struggling with the combat system until it finally clicked. Going back to it on the handheld has been interesting. The world still feels great, the combat is working for me right from the beginning, and the exploration manages to be fairly surprising a second time around because I’ve had 4 years to forget about all the details of the map. Also, this time I’m committed to understanding the outre gem-crafting. And my God, the music. It really does a lot for creating the majesty of this game.

And yet… It is really cluttered and cramped down onto the small screen. The world still feels huge, and yet… It’s drowned out in icons, especially during combat. And yet… The dialog is really noticeably cheesy/low-rent to me this time around. And Shulk… I mean, he does not have much going for him as a character. I’m glad this exists, and yet…

Just curious what take others are having on it.