Xenonauts - the REAL successor to X-Com?


One day in and they’re at $71,000 out of $50,000. It’s all about them stretch-goals, now!


That’s mildly disappointing, although I need to see how the systems work before I can further comment. It’s one of the worst parts of the new franchise. “Here’s a base and you can build whatever you want anywhere, except for the part that how you place facilities in terms of adjacency is SUPER IMPORTANT and you don’t fully grok that unless you’ve played the game before” is not good design.


Here’s a post about it that goes into a little more detail. Kind of makes it sound like the adjacency bonuses will be simplified, but yeah, I’m not excited about this either. I think it makes sense to have a primary base as a game mechanic, but I haven’t really enjoyed the implementations of the ant colony style base.


I’m kind of disappointed they went with Xenonauts 2, rather than going for a Jagged Alliance 2 clone as their second game. I mean, other than fewer bugs and better art, what could they really add to Xenonauts 1? A faster horse???


2nd day and 123K…so they have the big mo.


Chris Roberts is gonna see that and think “New Star Citizen Stretch Goals! Tactical-Combat Minigames”


Evidently these are the remaining SG’s:

#3 Locational Injuries (£100,000)
#4 MARS Weapon Platform & Sentry Guns (£150,000)
#5 Weather Conditions (£200,000)
#6 Additional Community Edition & Modding Support (£250,000)

Guess they already made #3 (edit - not as this time as it is in lbs)


The modding support would be the real plumb that most people would want. Of course, it’s also probably the more technical. But good modding support would also do wonders to boost the game’s popularity and lifespan.


I gotta admit that new X-Come has ruined old X-Com for me. Thereby also ruining Xenonauts. I backed the first one, I won’t be back for the second. I need perk trees. I need classes. I don’t mind how the game looks, but I need more to do with my guys in combat.


Xenonauts 2 Kickstarter completed.

“After thirty days of the Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter campaign, things have come to an end - and we’ve raised £191,107 (approx. $250,000) from our £50,000 target! We’ve raised 60% more than we did for Xenonauts 1 back in 2012, and importantly we did so without committing to any physical rewards… so in reality we’ve probably doubled the effective useful revenue compared to last time.”


Excellent news. This is likely day 1 for me.


I wish Elon Musk or someone would hire a company to spruce up or make an ORIGINAL NEW campaign for JA2 1.13. All the current custom campaigns are limited in that they had to (or chose to) put the map entry point in the same sector, queen’s palace in the same sector, mines in the same sectors, SAMs in the same sectors, etc. None of them really feel NEW. Also, the modders don’t have the original 3D character models, so creating new stances or new weapon animations is tricky or impossible.

If said company would make a 3D wrapper for the modded game code, that would be okay too.


Elon Musk would when lives are at stake, like some drowning soccer players in a cave…

Then again, why would drowning soccer players in a cave need to play an updated JA2 to survive??


What else would you do while trapped in a cave?


…You know what old tactical game should be revived too?

Fallout Tactics. Maybe with Bethesda support they could make a better version. I think the original had chops to be a better game than it was.


The problem with Elon Musk doing this is that when it’s late he’ll call out the devs as pedos on Twitter.


Finally started playing this. Somehow I really liked and completed X-com: Apocalypse back in the day. But I guess these days I need more RPG in my TBS. I’m not as riveted as, say, when I’m playing JA2 for the N’th time (with a custom campaign). Part of it is that the combat maps recycle too many assets over and over again. Another part is that there are more creature types than I can remember all the unique traits of. Lastly, the JA2 world map simply has a lot more character/personality to it than the Geoscape.

Oh, and not knowing unit positions when starting a battle is understandable. But having to clear the fog of war one tile at a time is no longer something I enjoy in video games.

I’ll give it a few more days before I make a final decision.


Just finished XN1. The game just kinda feels cold and antiseptic sterile. Maybe XN2 will have more of a personality?


It’s a very common feeling, so I hope they take it by heart for Xeno2.


Picked this up for free from GoG a bit ago and just booted it up. So far I’m about halfway through the second month (October) and rather liking it. (I loved the first new XCOM but haven’t yet got the second.) I like the increased focus on geoscape (fighters, multiple bases, etc), but haven’t fully grokked the tactical combat yet (cover and reaction fire, mainly).

I also have no idea how I’m doing. I’ve got two bases (north Africa and China) and plan on getting a North America one next month. I lost two soldiers/mission for the first several but now can usually escape without casualties. I have one of the fancy interceptors but haven’t needed it yet. (Managed to shoot down a Corvette with three basic fighters because they got the first cannon upgrade just in time.) I have one vehicle (scout car), several laser guns, and lots of the first level of armor. So I guess I’m ok? We’ll see.