Xfire: Gamer Instant Messenger

This is starting to get some buzz in my MMORPG community. Is it crap or worth installing?


Interesting. But I pretty much have that covered using All Seeing Eye and TeamSpeak.

It’s pretty interesting, I’ve hooked up with some online buddies in UT2004 using it, and it worked flawlessly. I’d be on more if I remembered to turn on the damned thing. :) My username is Veloxi if you’d like to add me to your list. :)

I downloaded it for curiosity’s sake. My account name is synic.


It’s a one meg free download that contains every feature of XBox Live! What will the fanboys do?!

Isn’t MS trying to make an XBox Live deal for the PC too? I thought that them announcing you will be able to use your Xbox controller on the PC was also curious

They’ll likely continue playing on Xbox Live… or so I’d imagine.

Every feature? Like the ability to add people in game to your friends list, a unified interface inside every game, voice chat for every game, etc. It has a partial set of Xbox Live! functionality and it is an interesting idea but since everyone who plays games on the internet doesn’t have it installed it is not equivalent to XBox Live! It would be interesting if games all started adopting something like this and it did become universal but that seems like a long way off.

– Xaroc

Looks like Xfire is a bit better since I last checked it out… I re-registered to change my nick to Kunikos from Synic. If anyone else is using this tool, feel free to add me (please mention you are from QT3 to remind me).


yeesh. I say this and then the server goes down overnight for maintenance. =P