Xfire is it worth installing?

just wondering if anyone here used xfire and what they thought of it.

I’ve been using it to track how much time I’ve spent in some games, just out of my own curiousity.

The other major uses are as an IM program usable from within games, and as a status checker so that you can see what servers your friends are playing on if you want to join them. I don’t really find that part useful, but some people do. If your current IM use seems inadequate while in the middle of gaming, it might be worth a try.

I liked it until it failed in delivering on its only selling point - not interrupting your game when someone messages you. It repeatedly stole focus from my game and rendered on the desktop.

Uninstalled, didn’t look back. I’d rather not know someone is messaging me than be interrupted with a switch-to-desktop while I’m Paralyzing the Arch-Villain.

Now I just run my IM on my *nix laptop. No conflicts ;)

The first time it costs you time/XP/loot/whatever in a game you’ll get rid of it, sadly :/

It hasn’t popped open focus-stealing windows yet, and it’s handy for downloading patches
quickly. For actual communication with meatspace aquaintances, I use GAIM on my
Linux workstation, though.

I use it all the time. There has been lots of improvement to the messaging in game functionality, but there are still games that are unsupported.

Its most important function is informing me of how much of my life I’ve wasted on WoW.

I have a wife for that.

My biggest quibble with it so far is that to switch servers in BF2 you have to completely shut down the game and let it start up from scratch, you can’t just Alt+tab to desktop from the menu.

But given that EA insists you completely shut down BF2 and restart it to switch to Special forces, I’m prepared to believe it’s not X-Fire’s problem.

It is handy for seeing what your mates are up to especially if they’re already playing somewhere and aren’t lurking on Teamspeak.