XFire names...?

I go by ‘wzrd’ (of course) on XFire… Anyone else using it? I would be cool if I could at least find you guys when playing BF2…I can’t use XFire to automatically launch it yet, but it’s a good start.

icecrown here.

I sent you an invite.

I’ll hopefully start playing BF2 on Wednesday though. If you’re up for anything else before then, drop me a line :)

Mattc0m !


Yeah, I’m not too clever. :oops:

We should all add each other so if we’re all online by coincidence we could slug it out in any game we feel like firing up.


(I am so creative!)


tempestb = Xfire

I’m Onceler in BF2.



Some scumbag took Worm, though I’ve still got it on BF2.

I’m jbernoski


Xfire now connects to patched Battlefield 2 servers.

In a fit of originality, I’m peterfrazier.
In BF2, I’m PeterF.
I save my creativity for work.
(And even then, it’s about thinking up reasons for missing deadlines.)

“willtuck” here. Add away.



Looks like Xfire now has Server info for BF2. So you can see how many people are on the server, and just right click the server to join it without going through all the I.P. goop…


haha, I didn’t add anyone, they all added meeeeeeeee~~~~!

I’d really like to see ranked or not for those servers. Xfire is good, but in my heart qtracker is leading. Does ASE let me find friends?

It always had server info for BF2, but now the command line connection is working.

Hmmm… Well before the update when I looked at my recently used servers it would only show the Counter Strike servers. I dunno… Maybe mine was goofy.


ASE finds friends and lets you launch into the game.

Yeah, but you can only do a partial search (ie for Qt3) if you pay and register.

Qtracker 4.02 is out, now w/ BF2 support, so no need for ASE.