Xfire names?

How many folks use this? I’m Yankeefan and I’d love to add some names on my list.

I use it to track my gaming hours, but I don’t have any friends in my list because I’m a goober.

You can add ‘metta’ if it makes you feel less gooberish, too :)

Mine’s unioncarbide.

Here’s a list of some of the Xfire names of QT3 members. There was some interest back then in having a sort of an RTS league, which waned down. Would be cool if we could start that again:


The post with all the usernames is about halfway down the page.

My username is icecrown.

EDIT: Also does anyone know how to reset gaming history in your Xfire profile? I logged on it for the first time in months and it’s showing 50 hours in San Andreas, and would prefer to keep it more up to date. Anyone know of a way whereby you can reset it?

Just play 51 hours of something else, unless you’re talking about your historical data, but why would you want to reset that?

  • Alan “Itsatrap” Au

Why don’t we just have a “Qt3” profile name for xfire. That way everyone can select Qt3 as a buddy and then show up as friends of friends when online. Otherwise the friends list could get even more messy.

And now it’s extra xtreme:


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I’m … txa1265

Are you kidding me? wowsers. that’s a bit much, no?


Kunikos, but not much point since i’m always playing oblivion… :P

Makes about as much sense as News Corp buying Myspace. O.o



Seawolf …go figure


I wish xfire had some sort of server-side grouping thing. My list is getting unmanagable, hehe.

Again, I would suggest someone setup an official Qt3 xfire name and then everyone can link to that instead of adding individual names.

Done, I’ve created a user named ‘qt3’ that you can add.

The response might not be immediate though, since the friend requests have to be accepted from within the client while using that user.

You are agreeing to be the manager of this and not disappear, right Fugitive?

The amazing amounts of fucking cash these idiots are willing to throw around for things they really don’t understand.