Xfire names?

Sure, though if somebody with more authority or confidence wants it, I can PM them the password.




Just hope the aquisition goes better than what happened to ASE.

I still use ASE, but I don’t like it nearly as much as I used to.

Mattc0m’s Xfire Username: Mattc0m

I love having a name no one else wants! I’m just Mattc0m all the time!

Opposed to mine which seems that there’s always another Rorschach beating me to the punch. Thus I use rorschach6 in xfire.

fuzzyslug, although my use of xfire is spotty at best.

signed up for xfire since it was a part of NWN2. tag is baroncalamity


ok, app sent.

On as hawksteel in xfire as my user name (nick is Alan).

— Alan

The good thing about the QT3 Clan is that you can edit your nickname in the Clan list to be the same as your username on the forums, thus eliminating the usual confusion of “who the hell IS that?”