Cels were/are the individual frames of standard animation, aren’t they? Non-computer animation, the old Disney way. So cel-shaded just means it’s like an old cartoon really I guess.

XIII is a console title as well, and I’m pretty sure that the PC version is not getting the first team lovin’ effort. I suspect as well that it’ll be kinda fun, kinda short, and kinda not a AAA PC title.

I’m assuming that it was something that wasn’t necessary to the demo since you can run through the levels in less than 5 min. I would bet that saves would be added to the final game, don’t write it off yet. There are other features missing that leave me to believe this too, such as no audio options. The demo is very basic it seems.

Nah, just parts of it. The characters are all flat animations, but many of the scenes are 3D. I like that they don’t overdo it, actually. Used in moderation, its a neat effect.

Thabnks for the explanation. Anyway I didn’t like it.

XIII is a console title as well, and I’m pretty sure that the PC version is not getting the first team lovin’ effort. I suspect as well that it’ll be kinda fun, kinda short, and kinda not a AAA PC title.

Something to this effect is evident. Everthing from controls to menu is extremly clunky.

I know I’m going to sound like a moron but oh well. I fired up the demo, had a chick in a bathing suit offer me a key with the screen set up like a comic panel. She seems to extend her hand (to offer me the key) then nothing happens. I press every key on my keyboard, I let it sit there for a while, it doesn’t continue. How did you guys get past that point? Thanks.

It’s frustrating because I can’t even start playing the game.

It’s supposed to automatically accept the key, so I’d guess you’re pretty much hooped. Although, it did play a chunky “picking something up noise” at the time, so possibly it’s a sound conflict.

Now that you mention sound… I have none whatsoever in the demo. Running a SB Live Audigy. Maybe that’s the problem.

I’d recommend taking it to the XIII dev forums, if there are any. It may not solve your problem with the demo, but I’m sure they’d appreciate the configuration feedback.

For that reason or because you can’t take a key from a chick in a bathing suit? ;)

The key is a metaphor!

Just played the demo. You guys are nuts. this demo rocked. It feels like NOLF. Which imo, is great. And because its being released for console? you think it’ll be short? As long as it has a satisfying sp and some multi I’ll be fine (Max Payne has no multi!). I also like that you can pick up chairs and knock people out! Looks like this game will be a sleeper, imo. The cel shading is not a cheap novelty. they really do want to create a noir comic book feel. Plus I like the ragdoll physics panels when people are killed. Seriously I don’t understand you complainers … this demo was fun! aye well…


Nothing revolutionary going on here, but there’s potential.

Switching weapons is slow, which was definitely creating issues for me on the second level (particularly with no save game option).

The UI and feedback for picking up objects could be better.

XIII graphics and style are good, but the gameplay doesn’t strike me as particularily innovative or new.

Ooohh, Adam West gave me a hug!

Nope, I think (but don’t know) that it will be short based on the amount of time that it took me to finish the two levels in the demo. If all of the levels in the game are a similar length, then it’s going to be a very short ride.

Those might not be full “levels,” I guess. But the demo said they were, and I took it at its word.

It feels like NOLF.

It feels a tiny bit like NOLF… minus the slick interface, the dynamic blend of stealth and combat, the great AI (I so hope the AI in that demo is a major work in progress), the great voice acting, etc., etc.

It looks interesting, but the demo felt a lot like a neat idea in need of better execution. Maybe the full game is better.

I’ll say here what I said to a mate

“Max Payne had a comic book , 13 IS the comic book”

With that, and reading some other responses, XIII is cool, damn cool… it’s about time companies started going for something other than “photo real” in the graphics dept. I welcome the difference, but again like Max Payne, it doesn’t add anything really new to the genre of FPS, it has a fancy type of rendering, that’s about it… does it justify spending $90 ?(where I am, games cost $90) I don’t know… I’ll have to wait until I read some credible reviews upon it’s release.

(oh and the first time I booted the demo I had a real strange problem with the mouse, but on the second time and after that it was fine)

I get spastic mouselook too, which is really disappointing, and the 1st level doesn’t seem to work right. I’ll work on it some more I guess… anyone know if they know what causes it (MX 700)?

— Alan

Try lowering your screen resolution. I got spastic mouselook at first, but it went away when I dropped my screen res to 1024x768. No idea why, but there you have it.

Well I rebooted, and now that’s okay at 640x480 or 1024x768 but now it has a continual strafe left on. Not to mention the fact that every time I try to go one step up to 800x600 it skips it and goes to 1024. Very odd.

— Alan

Do you have a joystick attached with a throttle? I find my throttle on my rumblepad will do things like this to me if a game supports both joystick and mouse and keyboard.

– Xaroc