XMen 3: The Last Stand

did any of you see the long/extended TV trailer during the second hour of 24 tonight?

Very good stuff!

I think I peed myself a little.

Fuck… I forgot. Alright, someone must find it and throw a link in here. Come on Internet… don’t let me down!

I got it taped HDTV on my PVR… damn if I know how to hook up my computer to the PVR to copy it to my HDD.

If you know how I will happily do it.

Apple’s showing a trailer I hadn’t seen before. Dunno if it’s the one from tonight, but it’s pretty nice…

Very impressive

Well that was easier to find than I thought it would be. Oh yeah and…



Direct link for those who want it. And yea…that was pretty awesome. It’s shaping up to be a nice summer. X3, Superman…I don’t care what else is coming out, those two will make my summer alone.

Well, its not the blue area on the moon, but I’ll take it.

Anyone want to place bets as to whether Jean makes it out alive?

I’ve been dreading this movie since Singer left and Rattner took over (I was pretty happy with Matthew Vaughn, the Layer Cake guy, running the show, until the script leaked and it was abysmal)…

…but, the teaser trailer was better than I expected, so I started to hope that maybe we’d get something like Terminator 3 – a movie much worse than the previous installments, but still kinda fun. Now with this trailer, I’m more comfortable that’s what will get - a movie that’s pretty fun to watch.

There was some great-looking large scale action scenes in there (something the first 2 x-men movies were badly missing – it’s a team of heroes, yet every battle they fight is one-on-one???).

They won’t be able to overcome the terrible script, however, and Rattner is still a hack, so don’t get unrealistic expectations.

No Nightcrawler plus Juggernaut looks like crap. All the spoilers I read in the script made it sound terrible. I doubt I will see this movie. But then, I thought the first two movies would be lousy and avoided them because the comic is so unbearable … but they turned out surprisingly great. So who knows?

I too am having trouble reconciling the general awesomeness of that trailer with the general Brett Rattnerness of the film. But who knows? If 3-D is good enough for James Cameron now, maybe Rattner can make a good film. Strange times.

I’ve seen a few interviews with Rattner and he’s pretty aware that everyone thinks he sucks. He seemed genuinely down that all the fans consider him a crap director. Pressure could be helping him.

Looks fantastic. Cinematography is vastly different though. Darker, grittier, more grainy. Lacks the clean look the other movies had. Not necessarily a problem though.

Not sure why people are down on Ratner, I looked him up on IMDB and there’s a few movies in there I’ve enjoyed, and nothing that appeared outright horrible.

I think the Ratner hate comes from when he was the director on superman. He kept on saying things that showed he had no clue who or what superman was suppose to be. Then WB brought in McG to replace him. I think Ratner is really trying here to prove that he is a decent director of comic IPs to shut up his critics.

The funny thing is, with Singer taking over Superman, its hard to think Ratner could do much worse than him.

That was indeed fucking cool. However, if I had a dollar for every awesome trailer Hollywood pumped out for colossally bad films then I’d have…well, a lot of dollars. Like if you were to stack them on top of each other it would be a really big stack. Really. I think I shall constrain my excitement for the moment. I’ve been hurt before.


Hence your username? I feel you man.

At first i was pretty sure i’d hate this movie, rumours that Storm would have a bigger part (not fond of the character in the comics and not a fan of halle berre period) and finding out that Vinnie Jones as Juggernaught wasn’t a joke made my decision for me.

This looks pretty cool though, i hope they give cyclops more screen time than they did in the last film though, i’m getting the impression that whoevers writing the movies doesn’t rate him much. Glad to see colossus back as well, his cameo in X2 was probably my favourite part - until he spoke that is, here’s hoping they give him a russian accent for this movie (failing that a couple of fast ball specials will probably do the trick).

The reason why James Marsden has such a little role is that his part was significantly cut down show he could play Richard White in Superman Returns.

X-men 3 Clip (Spoiler Warning)