Xmen Legends and Spider-man 2

I’m interested in two console games and don’t have a current working console. (My Xbox is forever stuck in dirty disk mode) First there is Spider-man 2. Sure they put out a craptacular Spider-man 2 game for the pc but the good one is out for consoles. SM2 PC isn’t even a crappy port of a good game. Yet on the website, there is a tease for a pc version and the developers have been mum on the issue.
Then there is X-men Legends. There was hinted that if it was sucessful, it might see a port .After all, Raven is a pc developer and the controls aren’t any more alien than any other console to pc game. However a sequel has been annouced and still not a peep about the pc version.
So any word?

Try getting it fixed from Microsoft. If its an early model you should be able to get it fixed for free.

Read more about it here

What about if moving the power cord is giving off sparks? Changing power cords doesn’t work.

I don’t think that they will release SP2 on PC since there is already a SP2 game… even if it is pretty bad.

Perhaps Activision will have someone port X-Men Legends to PC but to my understanding Raven is already hard at work on the sequel. Who knows, though?

I’m hearing that the AI in X-Men Legends makes single player not that good. True?


I only had issues with the AI at one point in the entire game, and it got one person killed, who I rezzed and then moved on.

The AI characters stick close to you, attack any enemies that get in their way, and come running if you pull the left trigger. They don’t fall off cliffs on their own, though it is possible to push them off. What more can you ask?