XP batch file kinda thing needed

My 5 yr old has vision issues and my wife has been working with him using some older educational software with him on a newer machine.

I have the machine’s default resolution at 1200x800. So before running the program I manually switch the resolution to 800x600 so the program takes up the entire screen. (Leaving the resolution as is, the program appears smaller, with a black area around it). Then I switch the resolution back when we’re done. There’s no option to change the resolution within the software.

I used batch files back in DOS days but don’t know the XP equivalent. I want to automate this process with one click – change resolution, run program, change resolution back upon exit.

Is there anything that can do this?

what video card?
i am certain you can set game profiles with nvidia and ati cards. with nvidia you use the drivers and nhancer i believe.

or you can use rivatuner shortcuts i think.

back in the day when i had my x800, there were ati specific utils that let me create custom shortcuts for games that would set resolution/antialiasing/anistropy by that game and once the game was done, revert back. i can’t recall what i used back then tho.

most modern video cards let you switch resolution with hotkeys from drivers themselves or allow for scaling with aspect ratio so your 800x600 will fill the entire screen, but this only appies with lcd monitors using dvi.




Thank you, thank you, thank you (one for each suggestion).

One of them’s gotta work. Not sure what card is in there (couple years old) but one of those little apps should do the trick.