XP in a Window under OSX

Holy crap. Has anyone tried this? It says it’s not emulated and runs at 90% speed, although the caveats are “No DVD support, 3D Graphics support, sound support or full-screen mode (yet).” Still, that just sounds extremely awesome, if you want to run XP apps simultaneously with OSX apps.

That’s pretty cool, though I once had OS/X running in a window on my PC under emulation using PearPC.

Parallels is getting attention because it’s the only Virtual PC solution for Intel OS X Macs right now. Microsoft Virtual PC doesn’t work on Intel Macs, VMWare isn’t available for OS X, period.

The holy grail is “double click and run a Windows app without firing up an entire virtual machine”. I doubt this will happen any time soon, even if some people would love to see that added to Leopard (OS X 10.5)

I think I’m going to try running XP in Q


Yeah… I couldn’t take it anymore. Picked up the $1299 Macbook today. I’m not disappointed in the least.

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Ok, I’ve got XP up and running flawlessly - it’s pulling updates now - and it took maybe an hour. Q is just unbelievably easy. I spend like 6 hours jacking around with VMWare on ubuntu the other night to get it to do what worked 1st shot in osx. I’m now a believer.

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Speaking of that, I saw a Steve Jobs clone at the airport here in Raleigh. Dude walks past with the same haircut, same salt and pepper color, black turtle neck, faded 501 jeans, and brown loafers. I thought it WAS Steve for a moment there. God, is Jobs a fashion template now?

Parallels rocks. It’s just astounding. An earlier version booted a clean install of XP (from BIOS to login screen) in 8 seconds flat. Now at a more-stable beta 6 and with a couple of months of XP software installations in my VM, it’s still extremely quick, doing a full boot in 20 seconds (and much faster just resuming a saved session).

Q is nice, for a free, open-source app, but it’s both buggy and not native, and it’s nowhere near the speed of Parallels (which takes advantage of the new Vanderpool VT (virtualization tech) instructions in the Core Duo to really get close to the metal and fly). The developer of Q was using my spare iMac for developing the Intel version (before he got his MacBook), and I used it heavily, but then Parallels came out and just completely outclassed it.

Actually… ;) scroll down and look for Crossover.

FYI, crossover is a commercial app based on WINE. It used to be more compatible with MS office, MSIE, quark, photoshop, etc, but these days it’s basically just easier to use. There’s another commercial WINE vendor called transgaming which supports new games as well. DarWINE for intel osx is well into development, although not quite ready yet, and is completely free.

I fully expect these applications to completely destroy commercial development of both applications and games for the mac.

M’self, I use coLinux to run my Ubuntu setup concurrently with Windows; throw in a little Cygwin/X, and I have both Windows and Gnome on the same desktop at the same time.

What problems did you have with VMWare? I’m evaluating it right now as a possible purchase for my company, so I’d be interested to know. My experiences to date with my eval copy have been very smooth and positive, but I’ve created all my VMs on a windows desktop and then moved them to linux servers using the vmware player.

Well I wouldn’t have had much trouble out of VMWare except that it would CTD when I tried to enable networking. I started out with my D-link airplus G card as my ath0 connection and eth0 an empty port. Just couldn’t get it to work at all. So then I took the box into the office and hooked it up with eth0 and everything worked. I was still trying to figure out how to get a second network connection in there so I could have a host-only nat that I could trade files back and forth with the host box on… but I ran out of patience for that shit once the macbook announcement was made. Never did get the ath0 connection working - but if you’re not using wireless it’s pretty easy to get rolling. Really, it felt like a more complex version of Q.