XP Pro and the Lost Parallel Port

So I’m trying to install a local receipt printer on a workstation. When I click “add printer”, the only options that show are TCP/IP ports. No LPT1:, no COM1:, nothing. I’ve gone into the port settings and tried to add a new port type, but it’s asking for an .inf for a new Port Monitor.

The COM and LPT ports are showing up under Device Manager, and from a command prompt, I can echo text to LPT1 and the receipt printer will print. The system just won’t let me set it up as a local printer under Windows.

My google-fu is coming up short. Do any of you have any ideas?

What does the manual say? You have drivers right? Those ports arent going to be all friendly like usb or networked printers, I dont think?

“Manual”? Hah. I did scour Ithaca’s tech support site, but for this model their documentation seems principally centered on the printer from a programming point of view. But they did have the driver.

At any rate, predictably, I found what I needed soon after I posted: It looks like some application redefined the local port monitor in the registry. I edited the registry to point it to the correct DLL, and it seems to work now.

Thanks anyway!