xp-Vista home network

I never dealt with home networks so I’m as stupid as it gets.

Basically I have 2 PCs, one running Vista, the other XP. Both connected to a single router that connects to the internet.

Now I just want to move some files from one to the other through the network.

In both Vista and XP I renamed the group to WORKGROUP. Vista lists my XP computer, but says it lacks permissions if I try to access it. And XP sees nothing at all, not even himself under “Microsoft Windows Network” and “Workgroup”.

I think I may have configured better Vista than XP. On Vista I have private network selected, file sharing on, etc… All through that intuitive panel.

On XP I just clicked on a folder and tried to share it, giving reading permissions to everyone. But it goes nowhere.

It looks like it was all set-up properly, but things only started to work when I disabled and then enabled again “File and printer sharing for microsoft networks”.

Only problem is that now I can do all I want from XP. But the Vista computer still can’t enter the XP one.

There are two different kinds of permissions in windows. The first layer is network permissions, allowing users or groups access to view the files. Then there are file based permissions, where you also have to grant access to the files for a certain user, regardless of where they come from.

When the file and network permissions are both set correctly, you can access it. If you fail to set the file permissions, the browser can view that it exists, but the disk security will block you from reading it if you are not in that files allowed permissions groups.

I think I miss the part where I set win xp network permissions.

From win xp I can do all I want on Vista’s folders. Copy files there, delete them. But from Vista still can’t enter the xp folders.

Your permissions on your XP box are incorrect. Check both file permissions and network permissions. If you are using “simple sharing” the OS tries to keep them in parity, but it’s always best to look and see exactly what is going on. Ensure that your vista account has both file and network permissions for the share. If you are not domain joined, I believe that using the machine name\account will properly resolve. The whole workgroup thing is really legacy win 3.1 stuff, and cannot properly address an account.