XP Vpn/Routing question

I know we have a few network gurus lurking on QT3 so I’m hoping one of them can help me with this oddball.

I have a PPTP VPN I use to connect to work. I have it set up in XP and it works great. No issues, can access all work networks, etc.

However, the way it’s configured by default the PPP adapter takes over the default gateway and routes all traffic through it. That doesn’t work for me because the work networks I access are quite secure and will not route my traffic on to the general internet. So I lose access to the general internets while using this VPN connection and this makes me sad.

I can avoid the problem by going into TCP/IP properties for that VPN connection and unchecking the “use as default gateway” box. But this creates a new problem in that then my home PC doesn’t know to route some of the traffic for work nets through the VPN PPP connection.

I can resolve that problem by manually adding a bunch of routes with the ROUTE command at a command prompt but that’s a serious pain in the ass to do everytime I bring up the VPN.

So here’s the question. Is there a way in Win XP to define a bunch of static routes to be activated when I activated the VPN?