XPav buys an iMac, hell freezes over

Because as the Microsoft buys Lionhead thread showed, 1 thread per topic just isn’t enough.

2.0GHz 20" iMac, 250GB HD, 256MB VRAM. I only got 1 GB of RAM – so I might be upgrading that, but not for the $200 that Apple wanted.

I can’t believe I’m buying a Mac…

I don’t understand why everyone is buying closed iMacs. If you’re gonna do that, get a MacBook Pro. Or wait until the Intel towers come out.

iMacs are purty.

Also, by making them closed, Apple doesn’t have to support God-only-knows-what hardware people put in 'em.

In my experience, it’s been a waste of money to upgrade a PC every 18 months compared to the cost of buying a new one every 3 years.

Granted my current PC is 6 years old…

Yeah, but the iMac has crap for graphics. And you can’t upgrade it. Not to mention Intel audio. Ugh.

How crap is the x1600?

It can’t possibly be as bad as the 950 in the new mini.

It’s fine. It’s not top of the line, but good God, what’s the point of getting the Uber Awesome X9999 Force w/ 1GB VRAM when A.) nothing supports it and B.) it’ll be obsolete in a year.

It can’t possibly be as bad as the 950 in the new mini.

Not even close. The X1600 is very competent, comparable to the typical $150 gaming video card.

I got mine yesterday. I looooooooooove it. It’s beautiful. But it will take a few months for it to become software-full. Some stuff still doesn’t work.

Price / performance, better screen, better ergonomics, lack of need for portability, and a Merom-ready processor socket :)

I don’t understand why everyone is buying Macs, period. What’s the point? Did you all suddenly decide that you have to run OS-X?

1 part OSX, 1 part superlative-worthy hardware. It’s dead sexy.

You and Case and Joe Six Pack need to stick to windows. OS-X is LeEt! :)

And, batshit don’t come into it…

In my CASE it’s simple. My wife is going to use the 17" iMac everyday - while I learn OS-X. When the Intel towers come out I’ll probably get one for myself and use Bootcamp for XP games. Plus, they’re sexy.

I actually recommend Macs to casual computer users now. And recommend Linux to masochists (just kidding I love all my penguin brothers and sisters).

In the old days I was an anti-Mac snob but as I got older I realized that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with ease of use, and decent selection of games. As opposed to the eternal tweakfest that is Linux [insert distro here], and begging company A & B to port their games to Linux.

I gave grandpa a computer with Kubuntu. He even figured out the IM program!
A Mac would have been second choice, if he bought me one I could learn from :)

I think OSX is pretty neat. I just don’t like closed boxes, whatever they run, unless they’re six pounds or less (preferably a lot less) with a keyboard and integrated display ;-)

It’s always a special occassion when somebody comes out.

I don’t know what XPav is going to tell his mom, though.

No, they probably wanted to all along, but couldn’t afford more than one computer and needed to run Windows for some reason (games) or another (more games).

There is now a single computer you can buy to run all 3 major desktop OSes.

As a penguin-blooded individual, no apology necessary. The Linux desktop is for masochists, and will continue to be for some time. It’s at about the point where say Windows 95 was.

That’s not fair Rimbo. In some respects KDE/Gnome/etc are much better than Win95. And in some respects much worse than windows for workgroups.

Linux as a desktop is pretty smooth sailing once it’s configured. The configuration, of course, being the annoying part. Really once it’s set up the only black mark is the horrendous copy/paste functionality. This is one area where the *nix heads need to admit that MS did it better, eat crow, and ditch the current copy/paste garbage for someting that works exactly like Windows.

FWIW I do almost all my work every day on a Fedora Core 4 workstation with KDE. Evolution for the email, Firefox for the web, etc. I only trot over to a WinXP system for tricky documents that OpenOffice won’t handle right, and a few proprietary win32-only pieces of software I sometimes need to use.