Yahoo - Considering selling off core business


In case anyone else is as paranoid as I am.

Go to

Select the first image, go to the bottom of your timeline, shift click the last image, and on the right hand side, you should now see a download button.


Altaba? Da fuk?

It’s like of Alibaba and Alta Vista had a car crash. It’s like 6 random letters.

Though not the worst name in history. I remember when Anderson Consulting (or one of the big six, I forget who) tried to rebrand themselves as “Monday”.


Alt-tab-a-nother site.


They are essentially a holding company for Alibaba shares now, so the name doesn’t matter-- you’ll never hear it again. Yahoo! is dead.


Well, except for Yahoo Japan. It’s still the country’s most visited web portal.


But Flickr! Ha.

This is a huge failure for Verizon, IMO, even if they wind up getting a discount somehow due to the hacking coverup. I wonder what they could possibly have been thinking.


I hope Flickr and Tumblr get spun off and get some proper love.


Side note, on the news radio, the business guy was like “Yahoo is changing their name, so all that will be left called Yahoo will be a chocolate drink.”

I screamed “That’s YOOHOO ASSHOLE.” to the radio. I did.


This is the joke I didn’t know I’d been working on since yesterday. Well played, sir.


We need Flickr. It fits perfectly in the realm of online photography services: Instagram for the casual snapper; Flickr for the “nobody will look at this but I’ll upload it here anyway” serious hobbyist; 500px for the “you think you know photography, son?” pros.


Flickr was king for years, but didn’t innovate. Apple and particularly Google ate their lunch.

Google Photos is an amazingly strong service. Probably the highest quality service and best app Google offers.


In related news…