Yakuza 0 is amazing and you should play it

It will do Bluetooth or use the proprietary Microsoft protocol. The Bluetooth is OK - I find the range better on the proprietary adapter though. And, as I mentioned, I don’t have to plug it in for the (very occasional) firmware updates.

All of this.

I just got one of these and it’s great. You’ll need bluetooth for it. If you don’t have bluetooth, then get one with the wireless adapter. I looked at the Elite but couldn’t justify the price difference.

Yes. It really is. But only the series 2, which fixes everything the original failed to get right.

Holy goddamn shit, it’d better be for $180(?!).

It is! Agree with prior poster. It is extremely well made and has a wonderful heft in the hands. As Ferris Bueller would say:

It is so choice.

I’ll second the recommendation of an Xbox One controller, which you can also use wired if you have a USB A to micro USB cable. It’s much easier on your hands and wrists/forearms than a keyboard and mouse, and given that so many games are also on console, they’re often designed with that control scheme in mind.

BTW you don’t have to spring for the Elite 2 (unless you have money to burn, of course). An ordinary Xbone controller works fine too.

My only only complaint about the Elite 2 is Microsoft still has the “single device pairing” model with it. I’d like the option to have my Windows 10 PC and Xbox One both connected to the Elite 2 with some way to select between them. Given the controller has 4 profiles this doesn’t seem unreasonable…

My only complaint is you can’t arbitrarily bind the paddles on PC, at least without installing potentially dodgy third party software.

Now I want one. I’ve been playing with my PS4 controller, which works great. I have xboxone controllers but they are the “Day 1” editions, which is not a great experience.

I’m not sure what you mean? I can configure the paddles on the Elite 2 to do anything in Xbox Accessories.

You can’t set them to, say, “f”. Or have them be a specific input a game’s own bindings can target.

It’s a controller, not a keyboard. You can do this with hardware, but dropping another $130 isn’t very wallet friendly.

And yet I can map my mouse buttons, or for that matter my HOTAS buttons, to whatever I like. It’s a bit crap for a £160 controller, from the makers of the operating system, to have less capable mapping than much cheaper third party controllers.

Not every mouse has that feature, or HOTAS. It’s up to the manufacturer to implement that.

I see your point that it’d be a nice feature to have on a very expensive controller though.

I find the easiest way to map buttons these days is using the Steam controller features in Big Picture.

You don’t even need to go to Big Picture anymore, they added an option from the “Manage” context menu.

As far as I know, that doesn’t work for the paddles. Steam just sees them as whatever button they’re mapped to in the Xbox app.

Is it me or does the camera move a little to fast in this one? Going up stairs to reach Kuze and the camera swings around so fast, got a real bad case of motion sickness right away.

I just finished Kiwami. I liked that one a lot also. Story was great but was a little surprised how many main characters they killed off by the end. Little bummed. I feel like I hard y know anyone any more after getting to know these people since Zero. Got all of the abilities except a few dragon abilities. The Majima Everywhere system got a little tedious by the end. Especially since had trouble executing tiger drop when he was in slugger mode.

Now I don’t know what to play next. I could buy Kiwami 2 - it’s only $20. Or I could take a detour into Judgment or Fist of the North Star. Or I could take a break from the Yakuza universe and play something else. But I feel like there’s so much more Yakuza to play.

Follow-up: If anyone is interested, I started FotNS:LP. It looked ridiculous and stupid violent. About an hour and a half in it does not disappoint. I will post impressions in the appropriate thread.