Yakuza 0 is amazing and you should play it


I’m playing it now as well and enjoying it a lot. Also, I’m really looking forward to the Fist of the North Star game coming out next year with the Yakuza team making it in roughly the same style.


Man, I might’ve played some of these minigames if they had been in 0:

The After Hours edition comes with bar glassware too.


Well, I’m slightly annoyed that we’re getting a PC port of this. I wish my save game was on PC instead of languishing on a terminal console appliance.

On the other hand, I don’t really plan to play it anymore, so no major loss.


That’s cool, I’ll play it again for you. It’s still amazing.


Send me your endgame save! Try not to do too much. :)


I played yak 0, finally getting through yak 1 a year after buying it. I understand playing 0, 1, and then 6 is the proper order.

Playing Yak 1 feels like a step backwards because it’s missing so many minigames.


FYI all, there’s a 20% discount on this on Fanatical.
If I liked Sleeping Dogs, will I like this? I realize that this is more of an RPG though, right?


Maybe? It’s kind of apples and oranges, despite both being open world games set in the world of organized crime. Sleeping Dogs is very much a conventional western open world game, while Yakuza is kind of a cross between a fighting game and a life simulator. The world is much smaller, but much more detailed, and you don’t get most of the usual gameplay verbs open world games give you while traversing it. (I.e. the Yakuza games strips you of any opportunity to harm innocent civilians.)

The real question is - are you a person of good taste who likes good things? Because Yakuza 0 is amazing and you should play it. :)


Are you a fan of fighting games? That helps a lot.

I was really looking forward to Yakuza 3. I loved the story, the videos I watched of the various mini-games, etc. But the main gameplay verb in the game is a fighting game, and I’m not a fan, so sadly I had to step away.


Yeah, it is a fighting/brawling game first, with RPG elements.

If you turn the difficulty down though, it isn’t so hard. And you can focus more on the minigames and storylines.


It’s a beat ‘em up with a story where you get to walk around town and play videogames and hang out in clubs and bars.


This guy knows what he’s talking about. He also has amazing taste in forum avatars so you really can’t go wrong following this advice.


I went into Yakuza 0 not expecting to like it much at all and bounce off it hard. 92 hours and counting later, it has been one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had.


Surprisingly great fun this, despite having many of the things I hate in games (poor checkpointing, overlong cutscenes, and button mashing for grinding.) Something about the unapologetic full blown gonzo nature of it appeals.


There is just something insanely compelling about what in the west would be labelled the “cheesiness” of Japanese games. I played MGS 5 yesterday for the first time and found the prologue utterly captivating even though my brain told me it was jumping the shark. I expect the same here in Yakuza 0 - looking forward to it! Its part of my annual Christmas gaming stockpile.


Oh hell no, MGS V is not jumping the shark. It’s putting a parachute on the shark and shooting it into the sky. That game is also amazing and you should play it.


I love that many Japanese games have these little creative things that make zero sense in the real world but are just so dang cool in videogames.


I feel like the Japanese do a good job creating characters that play it straight in absurd situations. The player is in on the joke, but the characters are so earnest it becomes charming.


No need to convince me re MGSV! I am enjoying it thoroughly. :)


I’m loving this game so very much. So very much. It is truly a delight.