Yakuza 7 - We're turn-based RPG brawling now!

Is this on PC too or just Xbox?

PC as well.

With your choice of either purchasing it traditionally on Steam or the Microsoft Store or alternatively playing it via a Game Pass subscription, as of very recently.

You have said that repeatedly in this thread, and perhaps you are right, but I wonder (remember I’m very early) if this isn’t a case of you fighting against the system instead of working with it. There’s some strategy here in choosing which enemy to attack if you have a teammate going next (to make sure they can make a follow up attack without getting interrupted). I also realized in the fight with Captain Jo that I should save my mp and use regular attacks if there’s an obvious weapon available, then switch back to skills when there isn’t. I feel like the character movement changes the strategies you employ rather than remove them as you seem to feel.

Weird I looked this morning and didn’t see it, only the other games in the series.

Don’t know dude, I’m looking at it right now -


It’s possible! It’s been a while, but this is really my only knock on the game.

My experience with the system is that everyone jitters around like Brownian motion so much that planning is difficult bordering on impossible and it’s almost as reactive as the real-time brawling was, but I concede that this is not an opinion born of 100+ hours playtime. I’ll get back to it, but I think nothing’s ever going to change my mind that combat is a bit of a dropped ball in this regard.

Ha thanks I believe you obviously I’m just missing something!

I can certainly appreciate why someone wouldn’t like it (and I may feel the same after playing more, particularly one I have more than two people in a patty). I guess right now, I would say it is mostly different for the sake of being different. To me it isn’t as bad as you make it out to be, but I wouldn’t argue it adds something worthwhile that outweighs the impediments.

@agapepilot look under new to gamepass, maybe?

Well I still like it more than the brawling! So I mean I’m not entirely negative about it.

Ha, just had a cut scene, or rather multiple consecutive cut scenes, so long my controller fell asleep and interrupted it. Never change, Yakuza.

It’s the one before they explain the bill in the pocket right?

The voice acting and dialog is gold so far.

“Young Master? What is this, the 18th Century?”

Really digging the turn-based combat with active button presses so far as well.

The prison/leaving prison sequence.

I don’t know why Japanese developers seem to love ridiculous long intros to games before letting you actually use the systems that are in play for the bulk of the playtime. It’s not universal, but it’s in pretty much every non-arcadey Japanese game I play you have to “play” many hours, sometimes dozens, before you get to the real game . It’s always been a hallmark of Yakuza - you can be unlocking major parts of the game eight or nine chapters in. But also most Zelda games, anything Kojima obviously, 95% of JRPGs.

I’m somewhere in chapter 3 or 4 I think. I am hating the combat. I enjoyed the silly over the top brawling of the special moves of the Kiryu games and fights were never too tough to beat. You could always cheese through with healing items (except in the arena, and even that wasn’t so bad). And they went by quick. Fights in LAD take forever, and you can get ambushed into a fight you can’t win and there goes half your money. I love me some Yakuza, don’t get me wrong, but I’m finding this game very tedious and tough to get into.

Wouldn’t be the first person with that complaint about the transition in combat gameplay. Certainly not a change that everyone comes to appreciate, depending on personal tastes in combat systems. Ergo why the Judgement series of games is staying an action brawler, akin to previous Yakuza games.

I’m in chapter 4 (actually, I might have finished it last night) and haven’t seen a fight that was close to being unwinnable. I believe I had one character get downed in combat one time so far. When you say fights take forever, do you mean ones with lots of enemies or a couple? Either way, I wonder if you are making the best use of your skills, not to mention hits on downed opponents.

There are also plenty of healing items (I tend to use them more outside combat, but they have certainly been necessary. Sounds like you need to use the shops more. Have you upgraded your weapons? That could be a bit rough if you keep losing money, but it feels to me like it makes a big difference.

At least so far, I’ve had better luck at finding armor upgrades, so I’ve spent more money on weapons.

I have not used the shops at all. I guess I should but I spent all my money on cart upgrades.

I am regularly getting beat by fights against groups of level,mid 20s in 3 star areas when my team is mid teens.

Just discovered the girl that upgrades weapons. Guess I’ll have to save some money and check out the shops. Figured I could get by on drops.

Ah, for weapons and armor you definitely want to be purchasing through stores or crafting/upgrading. It makes a huge difference.

Then I will make another attempt to proceed this weekend!