Yakuza 7 - We're turn-based RPG brawling now!

I’m still in Chapter 1, but really enjoying this so far. I made it past the year 2000 into the new millennium with Ichi.

Speaking of the new millennium, I know that was a conversation a lot of people in the U.S. had back in 1999 and 2000. Technically the 2000/2001 new year might have been the new millennium, but come on, people were more excited by the 1999/2000 new year transition. So when the game started talking about the end of the century, I had assumed it was new year’s eve 1999. But this game is set in the 2000/2001 new year’s eve and it doesn’t bat an eye about pronouncing it the end of the century and all that with its character’s dialog.

Also, I’m kind of marveling at the mental difference it makes to have the combat be turn-based. In previous Yakuza games I tried, beautiful story, cutscenes, dialog, and then boom, I’m fighting some thugs, and it’s completely ridiculous and it not only is gameplay I hate, it also triggers in me a complete break of the suspension of disbelief, it just seems so over the top, I can’t take the rest of the game seriously, so I stop playing. In this one, it should theoretically be the same. I mean, I’m fighting stupid thugs, it’s so gamey, even if it’s turn based. But it doesn’t do the same thing. I guess by being turn-based, it’s compartmentalized better in my head as “gameplay segment” separate from “story segment” somehow? Not sure. But I’m glad for it.

It’s even more over the top in this game.

Unlocking the alternative costume for the hero class for Ichiban, e.g.

Or for that matter the Idol class costumes.

First Yakuza game I have gotten sucked into, never played more than a couple of hours of the others. Even the story is drawing me in and with Japanese audio I can pretend they are all excellent voice actors. I tried the english voice acting briefly, and while I actually liked Nanba’s voice actor a little bit better the rest were definite downgrades for me. I can too easily tell over acting, affected voices, etc.

I am loving the start at the very bottom of the rungs and the people you are meeting and their ages. This is not a Final Fantasy game with beautiful teenagers struggling with Angst.

Yeah Ichiban is an old millennial who played way too many video games in his youth. I wonder if there’s a Western equivalent to Dragon Quest - that series is still releasing new titles.

Ichiban was born in 1977, so he’s Gen X (although generation theory is largely bullshit so whatever).

oh right they changed Gen X to cover 1980. IIRC 1976 was the cutoff back in the 90s

I mean what does someone born in 1965 have in common with someone born in 1980, anyway? Basically nothing. World conditions have changed too fast for the past several decades for generation theory to mean anything. My lady is 6 years younger than me, and there are some things that are different even between us. Not to mention class matters a lot more to one’s experience of the world than the time you’re born, anyway.

They both post on Qt3

I’m playing the English soundtrack at the moment, just because I find it so funny. Once the game proper starts I’ll switch to Japanese.

I started playing it too! First Yakuza game.

First, damn it gets my gpu to 99-100% constantly, and the graphics aren’t that good, and the framerate is around 55 fps. Optmization is lacking in that regard.

Second, it’s a pity the game has voiced dialog for 80% of the game, and there is a missing 20% without it, only text.

I’m intrigued by the story. I think what I saw in the first hours with the story of the boss, and how they meet, etc, was good. I really wanted to know what would happen after the 18 years in jail, and couldn’t believe the twist.

However, in the first four hours of the game, I felt like I played 15 minutes and the rest was cutscenes. Not only that, the gameplay has consisted of a very basic combat system, for now. So with this mix, of a good story setup, with most of the game being cutscenes, and short and only passable gameplay, I actually wish this would be non-interactive fiction. Maybe an anime?

The Yakuza games are always bizarrely massively cut-scene heavy for the first few hours, after that it generally becomes more sensible.

It continues through at least the first four chapters. I don’t mind, except finding a place to save and quit can be a challenge.

Did MUCH better with shareholder meetings today. Not only did I not know I could pause last time, but I took a picture of the color wheel on my phone so I could look at it even while paused. At one point my brain reversed the colors so I was losing, but I eventually worked through that, and just got in the top 50, which was VERY satisfying.

Place your guys in color order, left to right so you don’t need a color chart

Ohhhhhh, fascinating idea, I’ll have to try that. Thank you!

Of course this game has a pervert Pokedex.

Jesus Christ this first dungeon (Yokohama underground) goes on forever. Please tell me there aren’t more like this. I spent the entirety of yesterday evening fighting mobs in featureless corridors, and it’s still not over. At least I got some gear out of it.