Yakuza 7 - We're turn-based RPG brawling now!

I think that’s the only one? I’d actually recommend staying out of there because there are bosses you’ll encounter elsewhere that are much better first experienced in the context of the story/substories rather than isolated encounters in a bland dungeon.

I don’t think I could stay out of there, it’s part of the main storyline

You have to go down there for the main story, but I don’t believe you have to do more than a small part before you’re able to leave and progress with the main line.

It certainly hasn’t indicated that to me. I’ve been following the quest marker the whole time.

Well, “small” in relation to the dungeon as a whole. You should have an off-ramp before the bosses I mentioned.

Either way, it’s certainly not the strongest part of the game.

Thankfully, it seems that I left off last night just before the final boss, so it’s over at last. Still, that was three hours of the most tedious JRPG dungeon I’ve ever played. Didn’t help that the story had encouraged me to switch jobs just before, so my characters were relatively underpowered, but still, there’s no excuse for a dungeon that long with no differentiating features or story beats between beginning and end. Just corridor, mob, loot, corridor, mob, loot, repeated a hundred times.

I’m close to eight hours in, and if before I complained of too many scenes, now I will complain of too much combat, lol. I don’t find it particularly enjoyable. I wish the game would have, say, three times less combat. Which still would mean having 100 fights, instead of 300.

You just said the magic words - I have lost the interest I was building in this game.

I’ve finally got the first management minigame, the property/business sim. It’s a little baffling at first compared to the management stuff in previous Yakuza games I’ve played, and I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing, but it’s a blessed relief after that dungeon. I’ve also increased my cash by two orders of magnitude.

Does grinding make sense in this game? Do enemies you find are leveled to your current level? I think you gain very little xp once you are one level or two above them, right?

Battles can be avoided, and yes the business game is a bit confusing but awesome.

So far (chapter 7) it seems to be mainly location based, like an MMO, with jumps at various story beats. Which I think is new for this game.

9.5 hours in, I decided to cut my losses and drop the game.

I felt like it was wasting too much of my time, and playing made me think how I could use those hours watching this movie I had pending or that other game x.
For me it was turning into a ‘eat your damn vegetables’ type of thing, as for every story beat that I liked, there was too much vegetables to eat to to reach to that good part, from slow scenes that didn’t bring anything noteworthy, to plotlines that it was obvious that were only mundane stuff that existed only as a bridge to the more interesting parts, to walking from point A to point B and then to point C without making the city interesting, to all the combat that I wasn’t giving a damn about.

I, too, have bitten the bullet in a way. I like Ichiban (and the other characters, particularly Adachi, who is played by the guy who does Solid Snake’s Japanese voice) and the convoluted crime soap operas that are the Yakuza plots, but the gameplay in general does not…do it for me, and thus I have turned to what I think is a well edited let’s play (NO COMMENTARY) of the thing that I watch while I ride the exercise bike.

It’s definitely a podcast game during the non-story bits.

I’m in chapter 7 and I don’t think I’ve ever lost in combat yet. I rarely have to use items in combat either. Is the game meant to be easy? Does it get much harder later on? No spoilers please.

I used items in maybe 2 fights in the game

That’s kind of what I was afraid of. I’m in chapter 4 now, and am enjoying the story and characters, but I just don’t have the patience for constant low-stakes battles that don’t actually demand much in the way of interesting tactical decision-making that I did when playing RPGs as a kid.

Yes, I hope the (inevitable?) sequel goes full on Phantom Brave/Kingdom and adds gridless positioning of your guys in the battlespace.

There’s a reason they called this one “Like A Dragon”…