Yakuza 7 - We're turn-based RPG brawling now!

What do you mean.

Presumably that it’s like Dragon Quest. But unfortunately it sounds like it’s even easier – DQ11 at least gave you some options to bump up the challenge a bit.

I’m not into JRPGs at all and I’ve had the opposite reaction to some of y’all. I am loving this. Loving. It’s batshit and I’m 25 hours in and having a blast.

I mean, I love the atmosphere, story, characters, etc. There’s a reason I’m watching it! I also am not really caring for the actual gameplay, alas. There’s a reason I’m watching it. I’m glad you’re liking it, though!

I mean, “like a dragon” is a fairly literal translation of the entire series’s name in Japanese, and in Japanese this particular game has the subtitle, “whereabouts (or perhaps journey or destination) of light and darkness.”

Sure, there are multiple levels here, but I don’t think that going with that subtitle for this particular game is a coincidence.

My assumption has been that they called it that to signal a kind of reboot to western players (initially it was going to be called “new like a dragon” or “like a new dragon”), although in Japan it is straightforwardly numbered as a sequel. There were certainly ways to make the connection more explicit of they wanted, e.g. calling it “Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Quest of a Hero” or something. In the end: shrug.

Oh the concept is explicitly Yakuza 7: Dragon Quest. That’s not even reading between the lines. It’s how the concept was generated.

And Ichiban is explicitly a fan of Dragon Quest.

With Portland’s current oppressive, apocalyptic heat wave happening and breaking records daily (through tomorrow), I’ve been taking advantage of the fact that Yakuza:LaD is on XCloud Gaming (with Game Pass) and playing it in MS Edge so as to leave the heat-generating work on the server side. Kind of an ideal game for it-- the graphics look fine and the combat is turn based. My PC doesn’t heat up my room unduly or sound like a vacuum cleaner, either.

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Got it from here:

I’m now NAILING them. It’s so satisfying.

Wait, what “off ramp?” I got to the second set of restore/save boxes and then there were no more of them. Also, if you save more than once at the first box, it still spawns the mobs you’ve already beaten. The thing just kept going forever and didn’t give enough healing items, so eventually I failed.

Is that the final dungeon or something? I was having a good time before that BS.

IIRC there’s two “dungeons” in sewers. They are actually really good places to grind (IIRC there is a rare vagabond mob or something with high initiative that is worth a lot of XP, its an RPG game staple) You mention a save box, there should be a heal box next to it.

Yes, I found a couple of sets of those as I mentioned leaving the Liumang underground prison about two maps apart, then map after map after map of none of them, with at 5-6 groups of enemies per map. My impression was that I went through at least four of such maps after the last set of heal and save boxes. I had no chance by the end.

Getting one of your two female characters as an idol is a good idea as they’ve got great healing spells.

I guess I’ll look for a walkthrough, but is there in fact an early exit to civilization from that dungeon you get thrust into after the story beat I put in spoiler tags? Because I sure didn’t see one.

I guess I picked the wrong jobs for my people, so I’m screwed and have to go back to that scene at Hello Work?

no, just change job, in fact its power gamey to level every job to level 4 and 7 (reaching certain levels give you a bonus that stays no matter what career)

there’s more level capstones but it’s low hanging fruit to go get all the low level ones

There should be a room with a save phone and a place to refill your health, with one path forward leading deeper in the dungeon and another path leading to an exit.

IIRC an efficient way to grind was to save and then go backwards

I’m thinking I went to the critical trading company mission too early because I only have Saeko and I picked hostess for her. After doing the purely required thing with Eri-chan I took off.

I’m curious - just turn-based is this game? Is it what I consider “fully turn based” in which abso-F-ing-lutely nothing at all happens unless the player clicks a button, providing me with a calm and enjoyable experience of planning and decision making? (This obviously my preference.) Or is it “mostly turn based”? Or “only a little turn based”?

I’ll give two examples of games I wanted to like but HATED due to the incorporation of non-turn-based elements ruining the core turn based experience for me. The old XBox game Gladius, based on Roman gladiator fights, was quite good, but it had a skill-based, real timing aiming component which I just hated. I tried it and since the range of values depended so much on the real time aiming, to me, it took away the relaxed deliberate decision making which is what I enjoy in these types of game. I have a very similar complaint about the South Park Stick of Truth game.

I’ve heard some things about Yakuza 7 that make me wonder exactly how the turn based stuff works.

Help me out folks: please give me some detail on how Yakuza 7 combat works. Thanks.