Yakuza 7 - We're turn-based RPG brawling now!

This text will be blurredFinally finished this after playing it for, I don’t know, about a year. It’s a looong game, which is one of my complaints. Now, I love me some Yakuza, but this game just didn’t want to end. I also hated the change to turn based JRPG combat. I found it uninteresting and towards the end, the boss fights just slogged on way too long.

Loved Kasuga. Loved the characters. Loved the over the top melodrama. Loved the side stories. I don’t care for mini games, so I largely skipped them.


Some spoilers:

So who killed Arakawa? Was it the real Tendo, or was it Mirror Face?

I didn’t really care for the cameos, especially Kiryu. And that was the worst boss fight, not so mention that it didn’t make any sense to the plot.

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Is there a Yakuza game which isn’t? They all seem to be about twice as long as they should be. There was some pretty egregious padding on this one, though, notably that first trip underground.

Zero wasn’t super long. Kiwami 1 was actually a bit short in my memory, but my memory can play tricks with me, so there’s that.

Like a Dragon feels too long, alas. I still haven’t finished it.

Zero was long, but it was also wonderful. Kiwamis 1 & 2 were much shorter. LaD is too long, and drags on because of the incessant and boring fight encounters and tedious boss fights at the end.