Yakuza Kiwami 2

Need I say more?

That’s old school SEGA advertising right there! I love it!

Oh shit! I need to check my mailbox!

Played a couple hours of this tonight and had a blast. I thought Yakuza fatigue had set in, but I guess not. It’s gorgeous and plays really well. Yakuza 2 was the first Yakuza game I played, though it came out here when PS2 was on its last legs and I never ended up finishing it. Its 10 year anniversary for the US release in on 9/9 and it’s great so far revisiting it.

Put in a bunch of hours yesterday. This is my first outing with the new engine - I held off on Yakuza 6 since the remakes were coming out so soon-ish.

It looks gorgeous, and I really appreciate being able to walk around in first person, but I’m not completely sold on the changes to the fighting. Having the camera be more pulled out gives you more situational awareness, but also makes it feel less impactful, and really miss the style switching. Also, it seems like I have way less opportunities for heat actions.

But it’s still early days, and I haven’t a lot of skills yet. I’m into the story so far, and Kiryu is still the best, nicest boy around.

Ten chapters later, and I’m still not entirely sold on fighting in the dragon engine. It’s gotten better as I’ve unlocked more skills, but it’s still too ragdoll-y. The Dragon of Dojima tumbling five meters just because some punk kicked him is just wrong. Conversely, not being able to stomp a dude’s face in because your kick landed them far enough away that they’re back on their feet by the time you get to them is frustrating as hell.

On the other hand, I did punch a tiger in its stupid face today, so the game’s still awesome.

I’m playing Kiwami 1. I’m not particularly good at fighting games, but seem to be particularly bad at this game. I think one of the problems is I’m constantly facing the wrong direction. Is there anyway to lock on to a particular opponent and make sure you’re facing him?

Should be the R1\RB button on the default control scheme, if I remember rightly. Just remember to hold down the button to lock on to an enemy, otherwise it will go back to being unlocked.

Thanks @Malkael. I thought I saw it on one of the hints, I think the problem was I assumed it was a toggle, not something that had to be constantly held down. Will try that.