Yanks crushed by Indians 22-0

Red Sox fans take this as a sign from God, or is this another tempting tease before Boston gets smacked down?

The latest in a long line of cruel teasing jests on Boston by the Baseball Gods. Expect it to be capped by the Yankees coming back from a 22-0 deficit against Boston in game 5 of the 1st Round when Don Zimmer, inexplicably back with the Yanks, comes in to pinch hit in the 17th inning against Pedro (who was left in about 150 pitches too long), only to hit the game winning homerun by banking it right off of Pedro’s skull. The ball was actually going to just bounce off the wall, but Steve Bartman reached over and snagged it and it was ruled a home run.

Divisional opponents can’t play each other in the first round. Other than that, it all seems pretty likely.

Damn you all! THIS is going to be the year!

On NPR tonight they asked the head Bush/Cheney spin doctor to pretend he was working for the Yankees and make this loss sound like a win. He couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Our team was lethargic, and this was just what the doctor ordered, a wakeup call that will send us straight to the World Series!”

What I don’t get is why the Browns would go for 2 on their last TD late in an obvious blowout. Good thing they don’t play the Giants in the regular season this year.

Oh, wait…this is baseball?

The Yankees are in serious shit. Boston may or may not catch them for the AL East (Boston has a tough schedule, and New York not so much), but right now NY has the worst starting pitching of any of the playoff possibles. El Duque is fresh, and that’s it. Loaiza was a steaming turd of a trade. Brown is back to his “I’m hurt a lot” self, but when he’s healthy he’s still on. Will he be healthy? Mussina continues his slide. Vasquez is giving up runs but being saved by a big offense. Oh, btw, that offense is Gary Sheffield, Matsui, and some bailing wire and duct tape now (I know Jeter and Posada are still solid, let me rant).

The Yanks only have 2 pitchers who qualify for the ERA title. That means that they’ve had to rely on 2nd string starters AND strain their bullpen. Rivera working 2 days in a row is like Shaq playing on one day of rest this past playoffs. Good, but not the same. That bullpen is a mess because the big 3 (Rivera/Gordon/Quantrill) are being run ragged. They won’t get rest down the stretch, either, now that Boston is 3.5 back. You can’t spell them for Tanyon Sturtze or Esteban “Don’t call me Sterling Hitchcock” Loaiza. After the big 3, no reliever has an ERA below 5 (well, one guy with 6 appearances) and many are in the 6-8 range. Ew.

Maybe they can paste it together with the big 3 and 6 innings from the starter, but that almost requires they win some games big so one of the 3 can rest each game (or most games, the days after a travel day aren’t so important). With this starting pitching, there’s no reason to expect that.

El Duque is the only starter with a win in the past 2.5 weeks! Amazing.

I’m interested to see the insane spending frenzy Steinbrenner’s going to go through this offseason, regardless of how far the Yanks go this year. And you know, no matter how much they spend to fix the starting rotation, it still won’t stop them from pursuing more big-name offensive/defensive players like Carlos Beltran or the like.

I often wonder what Major League Baseball would look like today if Steinbrenner had been able to buy the Cleveland Indians back in the early '70s instead of having to “settle” for buying the Yankees. Would we have free agency as we know it? Would Red Sox fans have long since been freed from their torment?

I have to say Joe Torre is doing an amazing job considering all the troubles the Yankees have had this season.

Oh come now. A schizophrenic sponge could manage this team to their current record. I’m not anti-Yankee or anything but seriously…

Oh come now. A schizophrenic sponge could manage this team to their current record. I’m not anti-Yankee or anything but seriously…[/quote]

Now you’re giving Torre too little credit here - there are plenty of other free-spending teams (of course, not to the degree of the Yanks, but I digress) with big-name players that end up crashing and burning to horrible losing seasons (the Mets are great at this). Torre’s effect is to keep the Yanks on a relatively even keel

Point conceded.

I might have to give that to Brian Cashman for picking the right mix of guys. Baltimore in their Peter Angelos cash binge went for aging over the hill-ers. Texas put all their eggs into one basket (not counting Chan Ho Park) and then stuffed it with that fake grass you see at Easter. Boston has kept pace and last year came one awful managerial choice and one lucky swing from making good.

Arizona also did it, and that was all Buck Showalter (who also helped build the start of the Yankees teams with Cashman before getting dumped the year before it turned to gold. And then he got dumped in Arizona the year before they won, too. Now he’s doing it again in Texas).

Torre this year has had an easier time than previous years. This year, it’s basically been “Well, another starter getting blasted, time to walk to the mound”, where there was more personnel strife in previous years (David Wells, I’m looking at you).