Yarr! Tis Avast anti-virus teh suck?

After Avast’s last update, Windows apparently no longer recognizes it as an anti-virus program, and constantly warns me that I should install one. Anyone know what’s up with that?

Are you running Vista? I have Avast with Windows XP (both Home & Professional) on all my home machines and none are giving me problems.

Hopefully Microsoft or Avast will clear it up soon.

Switch to Clam. :)

Avast with WinXP here also and, like Sidd, no issues with XP’s notifier being re-enabled.

WinXP here, and it WAS happening on both my home and work PCs. My home PC seems to have stopped, though, so maybe they’ve cleared it up.

Had this issue with WinXP once, but it disappeared on its own the same day.

Avast let a Trojan trash my system. I learned my lesson about free anti-virus software and illegal downloads.

No issues with Avast and Vista here.

ClamWin works for me under Vista. :)