Yay? Terminal Velocity / Rage^3 ported

I’m not sure who asked for this?

Yeah I chuckled when I saw that. It was a cool tech demo… 30 years or so ago? what a strange choice.

They cleaned up the sound and added…translucency but the graphics did not age well.

If I had to guess, maybe @BrianRubin ? :)

Wasn’t me. I enjoyed Terminal Velocity but I’d never call it a favorite.

For a minute I confused it with Hi-Octane, the Bullfrog racing game, and was excited.

Hey cool, I think I played the shareware version of this a bunch of times, unless I’m confusing it with something else. So I wouldn’t say I asked for this, but I’m not about to turn it down either. Looks fun!

Sweet. There’s an early 2000s PC/PS2 graphics nostalgia this plays into.

So, it turns out that since I purchased the “classic” version of Terminal Velocity years ago on GOG, they added the remastered version to my account for free. I launched it and found it almost completely uncontrollable with the mouse. it might take some tweaking, but I probably won’t bother.