Yeah, sure, Blood Hunt is just a battle royale...but with the Vampire: The Masquerade IP! Does it suck?

where the hell do you think you’re going?

Yeah, it just got me thinking of The Ship: Murder Party (because you could populate the server with NPCs which made hunting your quarry a lot more risky). Damn, that was such an incredible game with friends.

There a few streamers I watch that have been playing this, and as BR titles go, it’s actually quite impressive without even taking FTP into account. It has the general mechanics of Modern Warfare but the environment is well done and there are some actual vampire mechanics that set it apart, like feeding on civilians to get buffs, getting detected if you do things in public (making you wallhack visible for a time) and really impactful movement and special abilities. Seems to play almost like a superhero BR with a vampire theme.

Of course BR lives and dies by whatever obscure “it” there is that makes one take off and become the current favorite, but among the dozen or so I’ve seen over the last few years that aren’t Fortnite, Apex, PUBG, or MW, this one looks and feels like one of the best. Haven’t played it so consider this an uniformed recommendation at best.

Edit: Oh, and I have no fanboyishness for Vampire TM, in fact I quite disliked the original game back in the day, this just looks like a really good BR effort.

I earnestly love when a franchise goes Warhammer 40K and gets very loose with their license. World of Darkness also gets bonus points for accepting all sorts of genres – did you know there’s an official Vampire The Masquerade text adventure?

Swansong is out! It is not good.

Ultimately, Swansong doesn’t seem to know what kind of game it wants to be. It’s variously a talking simulator, a detective game, a classically styled adventure puzzler, and a diet Hitman sandbox. There’s even a late-game stealth section that’s completely mechanically detached from the rest of the experience. As abruptly introduced stealth sections in non-stealth games go, it isn’t terrible. But I’d happily trade it and so much else for a stripped-back, Telltale-style story that frontloaded Swansong’s narrative choices, or a dedicated supernatural detective game. Or just a game that didn’t make being a vampire feel like such a chore. Between this and the missing-in-action Bloodlines 2, Vampire: The Masquerade’s heyday feels more distant than ever.

Alas. :-/