Years and Years -- near future dystopian TV

Is anyone else watching this limited series on HBO? It’s kind of remarkable television–reminds me of The Leftovers, but without any sci-fi. It’s a near-future dystopia, really just a very plausible projection from the present forward a few years. The cast are all amazing, and it manages to be highly political without being at all polemical. I just got done watching the second episode and about halfway through, I turned to my girlfriend and said “I really like this show.”

HBO is on a roll with these limited serieses, after Chernobyl (and Show Me a Hero and The Night Of.) I know that they’re just trying to keep subscribers now that GoT has ended and Westworld hasn’t aired yet, but it’s working with me.

This show gets better every episode. It’s starting to remind me a bit of The Leftovers, but instead of an unexplained supernatural phenomenon causing the disjointedness and out-of-control feelings, it’s just history as it plausibly will be, unfolding in front of us. Really good and highly recommended. I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about it.

EDIT: And I just realized I basically repeated my first post with this one. :P

Watched the first three episodes and love what I’m seeing so far. Just wanted to chime in. And thanks for making me aware of it, had to search to find it.

Just started watching this. So far it has made me feel a lot more worried than any recent Black Mirror, it all seems so… plausible. Superb stuff. Excellent cast, and I’m not sure the series writer Russell T. Davies can do any wrong.

Btw, it has Emma Thompson in it, if anyone’s wavering…?

Started watching this at midnight, and managed to get the strengh to stop watching episodes at 4:30 AM.

This is fucking good. I love how real the characters feel. Is humans written by actual humans. Unlike everything hollywood seems to make.

Is like a very good Black Mirror episode with a good begin, that only gets better, but never really become science-fiction but instead goes back and punch you in the face with real day issues. This is soo clever!.

Can’t wait to see where this goes.

Oh hey that’s the guy who made Who I enjoyed

Thanks for the tip

My kids are currently speeding through Dr Who on Netflix, and seeing them all again in a short span of time, the shows from his era are clearly the best.

Davies has done some great stuff (and often sets his shows in my hometown of Manchester, which helps!) - the original Queer as Folk was when I first aware of him. There was another show I was really impressed by, which was so audacious I’ve just needed to look it up to make sure I hadn’t dreamt it - The Second Coming, which had Christopher Eccleston playing, well, the second coming of Christ in modern day Manchester, and it had an incredibly dark ending.

Anyway, he’s not afraid to take creative risks, and I’ll always give attention to anything with his name attached.

I’ve watched every episode of this so far and it freaks me out how plausible it feels. Last night’s show was particularly heartbreaking.

I get the criticism that it feels super on the nose as appealing to the anxieties of a small subset of the population of Western liberal democracies: educated, affluent but not seriously wealthy, etc.

Years and Years concluded on Monday, and it’s fantastic from end-to-end. Don’t be put off by how relentlessly grim it can be early on – this is worth watching to conclusion. Great writing, great performances and a compact series with no filler episodes.

I could not recommend it more, especially to anyone living in the US or the UK.

We finished it last week and I wasn’t actually too thrilled with the ending. I think Edith is probably the least compelling character in the show, and I didn’t like the shift from near-future dystopia with believable tech to pseudo-spiritual sci-fi mumbo jumbo. Fortunately it was only a few minutes of an otherwise terrific show.

And Rory Kinnear is a fucking national treasure: utterly willing to do anything on camera and relentlessly compelling at whatever he does. You hate him, pity him, are disgusted by him, love him, etc. Just a fantastic actor.