Years of content coming to Destiny 2 along with a Disney scheme

Years of content coming to Destiny 2 along with a Disney scheme Remember the Disney Vault? That was the Walt Disney Studios’ strategy of rotating VHS home movie releases by having limited availability windows for older films. If you wanted Bambi, you couldn’t just go to a store to buy it unless it was the right time. If you missed it, the movie could “go into the vault” (taken off shelves) for years. People hated it, but Disney apparently saw value in creating some sales urgency with each title. Destiny 2’s activities are moving to a similar plan. First, Bungie has plans for the game through the next three years. The new saga begins today with Season of Arrivals, then Beyond Light in September, and continuing in The Witch Queen and ending with Lightfall sometime in 2022. It’s a longer term plan than rumors of an impending Destiny 3 announcement indicated, but with new consoles on the horizon it makes sense to have a crossover period. In fact, Bungie specifically addressed the question of what’s going on with the next game. Instead of building a Destiny 3 and leaving D2 behind, each year, we are going to cycle older, less actively played content out of the live game and into what we’re calling the Destiny Content Vault (DCV). With all this new content, Destiny 2 is just too packed with stuff. It’s 115GB of data that’s pushing consoles to the edge of their storage capacities and a lot of it is seldom played, according to the studio’s metrics. The Destiny Content Vault is Bungie’s solution. Whole planets with their missions and destinations will cycle into and out of the vault as part of the live service schedule. The first places to go in when Beyond Light launches are Mars, Io, Titan, Mercury, and Leviathan. You’ll want to do the story missions on each as soon as possible if you want to catch them before they go away for a long time. In their place will be some new stuff and a returning favorite, the Vault of Glass, from the first game. The story is about to get even more incomprehensible.

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I find it pretty baffling that they’re planning to cut content when there’s already a problem with not enough stuff to do.

Too packed with stuff to do is a real problem, said no one ever.

I hope they reconsider this, it’s a terrible idea.

Literally my favourite two locations in D2. I assume all the strikes to two locations will go as well.

What a dumb idea.

Great idea to remove stuff, then I can play the game less.

Missed the window to complete the triumphs, no problem, we’ll probably remove those as well and you can start again if the content will re-appear. If you’re lucky, maybe you can re-buy it then as a “HD Remake” or “Remix”.

Although, would be nice to see Destiny 1 stuff come, as that was the best one compared to some of the crap they’ve pulled in D2.

Love the things they did with gear in this season… most of my old stuff isn’t possible to level above 1060 light, whereas the ‘new’ stuff can go well beyond it. And how my old armor can not accept mods for the new season, yet the gear from the new season can accept mods from the older ones…

or how there are yet more armor “looks”, but I am still unable to equip all of them as cosmetics “Look” on other gear…

Or how everything I collect is shown in the collections tab, yet I am only able to withdraw like 5% of it…

… argh

At least after spending an HOUR in the vault today, I had some room for continued playing without having FULL OVERFLOW EVERYTHING and risking a high light exocit being overwritten by a shitty blue item in the overflow mailbox, which still doesn’t warn you until you’re OUTSIDE it…