Yes, I should have put this in the Star Renegades thread

I’m currently playing Star Renegades and in the camping screen there’s a list of keyboard key shortcuts along the bottom. They’re all obvious to me except for one of them. Does anyone know which keyboard key this refers to?


Looks like the space key

Lol, of course. I’m an idiot. Thanks.

If you edit your first post, you should have an option to rename the thread. Go for it!

Why did you reply to me? This is Coldsteel’s bizarre thread! :)

Sorry! The quoted text threw me. I’m new here.

That got me, nicely done.

Honestly, @Coldsteel, I’m surprised you weren’t mocked for not recognizing the space bar icon. I give this thread one and a half stars. And I’m docking a star for not even telling us your relationship statuses now that you’re finally able to call them up, thanks to us. But I’m adding four stars for some fine subject header work!

4 1/2 stars

My god, it’s four and one half stars.

Holy shit