Yes, Its finally coming....MORTYR II!

The Mirage Interactive Website has official word that Mortyr II, a sequel to their World War II first-person shooter, is in production. They offer a description of new engine features they already have running in their work-in-progress version (for demonstrating the game to potential publishers), and a promise to keep us informed with future updates and screenshots.

I’m guessing one of the guys won the lottery or got an inheritance because I can’t believe there is some publisher out their that actually thought “Yea lets make a sequal to Mortyr!”.

I hear Satan just purchased a Snowblower…


More evidence that we in the active gaming community are only the tiniest tip of the sales iceberg. The fact that the game sucked and that we all know it sucked and why has exactly nothing to do with anything, unfortunately.

Stating it was a WW2 FPS is a bit incorrect - half the game took place in a very crappy future. Or maybe it was the whole game - I think I’m blocking that game out for my own safety.

Ugh that game sucked.


I loved that game. Can’t wait for the sequel! I’m foaming at the mouth.


What’s that smell? Oh yes, I just soiled myself in excitement.

I dunno. I’m kinda sated on Mortyr, what with just having bought the Mortyr: Game of the Year Edition in order to get the pitchfork and cat o’ nine tails weapons only available to EBGames purchasers.


When I was at Interactive Magic, they asked me to have a look at Mortyr because I played a lot of first-person shooters and they wanted to know if it was worth publishing. I played a couple of missions (I think it was at alpha then) and wrote up a couple of pages on why the game would never be worth publishing.

The higher-ups decided to sign a publishing deal for Mortyr a couple of weeks later, which was about when I realized that I-Magic was doomed. A couple of months after that, I-Magic laid off 80% of its development staff and sold off or cancelled all its publishing contracts, and the Mortyr guys had to find themselves another publisher.

LOL. Just read this in Jakub’s review of C&C Generals over at Firing Squad:

To suggest there’s a difficulty balance and play-testing problem with Generals is like saying that Mortyr sucked hairy, sweaty donkey balls.

Wow, that’s edgy, criticizing a game as universally beloved as Mortyr. Maybe in his next review he’ll have a Daikatana joke! Or maybe he’ll make fun of cripples.

By the way, in case the above out-context-statement is confusing, the sentence that follows it is, “Both are major understatements of a criminal nature.” I think this is on page 29 of the review. Love that Firing “Lots of Page Hits” Squad.

Of course the next paragraph says, “Generals has an intriguing and satisfying singleplayer experience,” which is kind of baffling since it’s apparently so horribly imbalanced it reminds him of sucking donkey balls. But he does get a plus for using the word “ameliorated” in a review, though arguably it’s clunky and smacks more of a pretentious affectation than of someone striving for clarity in their writing.[/list]

By the way, in case the above out-context-statement is confusing, the sentence that follows it is, “Both are major understatements of a criminal nature.”

Yes, I apologize. I noticed I had done this, but unfortunately, Qt3 doesn’t allow post edits, so I just let it stand instead of making another post.

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that’s what happens when you register :p

[Out-of-place message deleted because it was supposed to go in the Star Wars MMORPG thread… Not sure what happened. I’m under NDA about the Mortyr MMORPG plans! :-) ]

Didn’t that horrible game Sniper have a bunch of references to a possible Mortyr sequel in it? I thought that was supposed to be a joke. Between Mortyr 2 and Postal 2, we’re really looking at a wonderful year for first-person shooters if this is the case. Maybe if we’re lucky, Ritual will announce Sin 2, then we’ll be all set.

Yes, it did, it was awful…

Yes, it did, it was awful…[/quote]

OK, then I guess after Mortyr II is released, that’s when it should start raining frogs (or locusts, or whatever).

Is this something new about the Mortyr MMORG or are you just adding a surreal touch to this thread?

You haven’t heard about this? I thought everyone had heard about it. Yes, it’s true.

Official announcement. The sequel will be called: “BRICKEN: Mortyr II.”