Yes, it's one of those "games beaten really quickly" videos

Super Mario 64 in 16 minutes…

Wow. Thank god for clipping, huh?

Well, at least they didn’t get overexcited with clipping. Invisible walls suck!

Be aware that this is not someone playing through in one sitting. They also use “tools” to make it possible.

That SpeedArchive or something is legit isn’t it? I thought only the SMB3 video was doctored.

Watching that video reminds me how well Nintendo did movement for Mario64. It was just so much better than any console 3rd/1st person games at the time.

I know a lot of the speedruns are multiple optimal smaller runs by dofferent people stitched together, but what “tools” are you referring to?

The video did say it was “machine assisted” whatever that means.

The Bowser’s dark world runs were astounding, though.

I’ve heard that some emulators constantly save the game, so that if you mess up during a speed run you just restore from a few frames earlier and correct the mistake. Don’t know if this is the case with this video or not, though.

Looking back on their web site, they do use state saves every frame, slow-motion, etc. Basically the idea isn’t so much to play the game quickly, but to find the sequence of control commands that will win the game in the shortest possible time.

Tool assisted runs explained:

One of the most impressive speedruns I’ve ever seen is “The Bunny Run” through Quake, which was done by a team of 4 players. It is legit is that it’s all one sitting (they swapped out at the “Mission Complete” screen) and finished all 4 levels + the boss level in under 11 minutes. Some of the levels are finished so fast that you are literally confused. In a few, the guy fires off a grenade at level start and exits so fast that you see the grenade explode on the “Mission Complete” screen. It’s wild.

I know it’s on but I can’t find the stupid thing. I’ll look up the link later.

Chris Woods

I love the Morrowind done in less than 15 minutes one discussed here:

To quote myself:

I just love the idea that there’s this super powerful, god-like villain who has around 14 minutes to live as soon as this puny, level 1 character with a perfect game plan steps off the boat.

Okay, it’s called “The Rabbit Run” which is why I couldn’t find it earlier. Link:

That shit is just nuts.

Chris Woods

A great candidate for amazing speedruns, I think, might be Shadow of the Colossus. It’s a puzzle, with almost no distractions whatsoever. If you know what you’re doing, it’s just a matter of hailing down the agrocab, jumping off, climbing up the colossus and stabbing it.

So, normal people like me take 9 hours to do it, but someone who was obsessed – I could easily see it conquered in half an hour.

Morrowind is down to like 8 minutes I believe.

You can’t just walk in here and say something like this without linking to it.


Thanks! I’m amazed also at other stuff there. Diablo II w/expansion in 1 hour 50 minutes? Baldur’s Gate II in 90 minutes? Those are almost more impressive, given those games have a well-planned progression. Morrowind, I almost expect weird crap to be possible.

These SotC speedruns were posted on GAF awhile ago. Some amazing tricks in these; they beat the final colossus in two minutes.

Now that was cool.