Yet another article about Bill Cosby

People still seem to be riled up over Bill Cosby’s comments, and numerous articles have been written for or against what he’s said.

Here’s one that appeared today on what the kids think about his comments and how he may or may not reach them with his message.

Someone needs to lambast Cosby for the Fat Albert movie. I know I know easy target but it had to be said damnit.

I’d be pissed and critical too, if my only son was shot to death while changing a tire.

Kenny, 17, a onetime stick-up man, puts it plainly. “Cosby is … talking about me holding up my end of the bargain. Listen … I robbed 'cause I was hungry. If he’s going to put food on my table, if he’s going to give me time to pursue education vigorously, then fine. But if he’s not, then I’m going to hold up my end of the bargain and make sure I get something to eat.”

This kind of attitude pisses me off to no end. No one owes you anything and I’m pretty sure if you’re poor enough, you qualify for food stamps.

Clearly the problems of poor blacks are due to them all being evil or something.

I’m confused. Who is saying this?

I’m confused. Who is saying this?[/quote]

Read any of the threads here when this comes up. After adjusting for stuff that tends to a priori make people turn out badly - income and wealth - there is no black propensity to commit crime. The only study that’s actually examined the concept of Acting White says it doesn’t exist.

Everyone’s response? The studies are wrong! I guess it’s an outward manifestation of inner taint or something.

Poor black people do the darnedest things?

No one mentioned race before you in this thread, Jason.

Well, to be fair I think Bill Cosby’s comments could hardly be construed as not pertaining primarily to the black community. But Jason certainly built himself a fine straw man. Do you have anything to say about Cosby? All of his comments seem pretty common sense, only you seem to be perceiving them as black=evil.

Cosby’s a rich black man, so I’m not sure exactly how he gets off blaming the black community’s problems on poor black culture. Again, poor blacks are pretty much statistically the same as poor whites on pathology, but somehow they’re discussed in remarkably different terms.

Maybe I’m misreading what Cosby is actually saying, but I’ve always felt his main point seems to be that the black community needs to help its poor rather than pretend that it suffers from factors keeping it poor that don’t affect any other race.

If anything, I’d say that Cosby agrees with you, Jason, in that poor blacks face the same general problems and have the same general opportunities that the poor of most other races have, yet he feels that they let themselves believe they are special in their vicimization.

In fact it often seems like his opponents are the ones who paint the poor blacks as being subject to factors unlike any the poor of any other race, as if their being black is what keeps them oppressed. Cosby seems to be saying that the black community can’t continue to blame everyone else for their poor and that they should stop expecting others to come to their rescue.

Cosby was a poor black kid raised by a single mother in the Philly ghetto. He got to where he is by not sitting back and blaming his “plight” on others but by doing something about it. If someone honestly says he can’t critique poor blacks of today on their attitudes because he is no longer poor, that’s just plain dumb.

And of course the reason there isn’t “this dialogue” for other non-white races, regardless of views on the connotation of the words used, is because none of them have the same community sense of victimization. This includes American Indians who got fucked six ways from Sunday, in some ways worse than blacks.

Yes, but none of that gets in the way of a white liberal attempting to hoist the albatross of white guilt around a black man’s neck. Why isn’t supporting Bill Cosby on this a no-brainer? Do you really want more of those &%$#@ pudding pop ads?