Yet another DS on a plane thread

Hello. I know I can do a search, and I will do so if you yell at me, but I’m about to take a long SF/France plane, followed by a week with the in-laws, so I need a coupla good DS games, because reading, and socializing with in-laws, is for sissies.

Note that I am midway thru FFIII already, and I have FFIV awaiting. I’ve also already played Advance Wars DS, some kinda Castlevania thingie (which I sucked at), and Nintendogs. So don’t suggest those.

What are the current must-haves?


Elite Beat Agents
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (seriously!)
Dragon Quest Rocket Slime

Those + Yggra Union for the good old GBA are what are eating all my DS time of late…

If you have any interest at all in Magic-style card games, Yu-Gi-Oh: Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006 for the GBA will give you about a thousand hours of entertainment. A hundred of them just reading the entire name!!! In all seriousness, though, it’s got a long name.

The new Castlevania is out today, allegedly.

Xemu’s reading my mind. QUIT IT!!


Even though it’s pretty simple stuff, Clubhouse Games helped me kill a nice chunk of time on a recent LAX-Europe flight. I think I killed an hour with the bowling alone.

Have you played Kirby Canvas Curse yet? That’s still awesome and my number one DS game.

Does your daughter have a DS that will be going along too? Mario Kart DS is a good one for two-player fun.

Did you play New Super Mario Bros. yet?

Age of Empires DS is like $18 at EB.

Polarium is a good travelling game because you can play it in really short bursts and I think it’s a cool puzzle game.

Also, Brain Age is good for traveling because you can play it a little each day.

Finally, they just released Club House Games which I thought was pretty cool at E3.

Okay, great suggestions so far–thank you!
I think I was definitely gonna get Elite Beat Agents, but some of these others weren’t on my radar yet.

I remember the Ziff kids being all ghey for Dragon Quest Rocket Slime. I like dragons and quests and rockets, but I’m not sure about slime. Nor how all four of those words work together.

Oooh AOE DS–I’m there.

Brain Age–yeah, I’ve got that too. I like it but want something to lose myself in for awhile.

I suck at Mario.

Kirby Canvas Curse–don’t know it, will check it out esp since it’s Dave’s #1 and I like Dave.

And if I got a Yu-Gi-Oh game my 12-year-old daughter would disown me.

Dude, Rocket Slime fucking rocks. It also has some of the best/worst puns in gaming, like the “FortKnight: Not Too Weak” tank or the “DQSwordz: The Revolution is coming, whee!” tank.

Let me add another vote for Kirby. It’s the best stylus game ever created.

Brain Age won’t help you on a plane. It’s a great game but you play it in 15 minute chunks.

Add another vote in for Kirby: Canvas Curse. Tom said it better than I can here.

You should definitely get Polarium. You can get it from most stores for just $20, and you can probably find it for $10 like I did. There’s not much depth there, but it’s still a pretty fun puzzle game, especially for $10.

What you should get INSTEAD Of Polarium if you don’t already have it is Meteos. This is an extremely kickass frenetic puzzle game made by the same folks who brought us Lumines for the PSP and 360. What’s great about this game, aside from the pace and regular game and great use of the stylus, is that it’s actually quite hard at the higher difficulty levels.

Have you played all of the GBA Metroid games yet? If not, I suggest Metroid: Fusion. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, and you can probably find it for pretty cheap.

Surely the EIC of GFW should forego that sissy Nintendo crap and be rockin’ out to the Zune!

Agreed; Rocket Slime is fantastic. It’s one of those games that’s really hard to explain why it’s enjoyable (tank battles! funny puns! a thoughtfully integrated combination of a number of smaller games!) but everything works together to make an exceptionally cohesive experience. My only complaints with it are that the game never presents a rigorous challenge (but it can multiplayer!) and that it only has one save slot.

My favorite pun for is for the Egyptian tank: “Doesn’t fight Pharaoh!”


I’m no Apple lover (despite a former career at MacWEEK magazine), but they’ll have to pry my iPod out of my cold dead hands. You hear that Gates? Bring it!

Man that Kirby game looks kind of embarrassing. But also like a lot of fun. Okay, adding it to the list.

Polarium looks great. I remember playing someone’s Meteos when it first came out and not being into it, but I think that’s because at the time I had just OD’d on Lumines and couldn’t handle another similar game.

Metroid: I think I suck at those games like I suck at Mario and Castlevania.

I can’t believe no-one has mentioned Animal Crossing yet. That’s a game you can easily while away a few hours fishing, planting, writing letters, making t-shirt designs etc. Might be a bit too “girly” for you, but remember, fishing is manly. Also, you really should play it every day, so this gives you an excuse for some DS time every day while staying at in-laws :)

Dude, I love Animal Crossing on the GameCube! Not remotely too girly for me. Just girly enough in fact.

No love for Phoenix Wright?

Also, Canvas Curse is getting surprisingly hard to find these days; I still need to hunt down a copy. :(

  • Alan

Canvas Curse was a huge disappointment. Like the Sonic games, it’s fun for a world or two and then the developers apparently ran out of ideas except for various methods of instadeath.

Meteos, Magnetica and Phoenix Wright. There’s your plane trip and a good bit
of downtime elsewhere sorted.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong:March of the Minis looks very Lemmings-like.
It’s out in the US, and received favourable reviews.

Sorry, you’re right. You won’t have any better luck with Metroid than you did with Castlevania; the franchises are quite similar. Unless you try Metroid Prime, which is more of an FPS, but the controls are weird to get used to.

Edit:I’m stupid and suggested Advance Wars even though he already said he had it.