Yet another DS on a plane thread

Surprisingly, Battles of Prince of Persia (best title ever, except for maybe Super Army War) is a pretty decent strategy game. It has really embarassing graphics, even for turn-based strategy, but the mechanics are actually kind of cool. And it’s cheap cheap cheap, so that’s all right.

Vote +1 on Kirby. Game’s awesome.

Surprised nobody mentioned Super Princess Peach. That’s a fun little platformer, and since Jeff apparently sucks at them the low difficulty will be a positive rather than a negative.

Vote +1000 on Advance Wars. Dual Strike is still one of my fave strategy games ever. It’s sooooooo good.

I actually thought it held up pretty well for about 5 worlds. But, yeah, pretty much only my unquenchable desire to beat the game got me through the last couple hours.

It’s worth playing just for the final boss though - it has a ton of unlockables, but amusingly enough I beat the final boss (on a plane, no less) and then pulled the cart and never played it again.

At some point, I’d suggest that folks actually read his original post.

Shit, that’s embarassing. I did read his original post, but then plum forgot he’d mentioned Advance Wars. shrug

Yes, but he should play Advance Wars more. It’s that good =P

Another vote for Rocket Slime. A bit cute, but good action-jRPG stuff.

Be a man and learn to play the Castlevanias.


I can’t believe I forgot Meteos. Holy shit I love that game. It’s probably my number two DS game! I completed everything there is to complete in there and I love the timed games. That’s another superb way to waste time on a plane or anywhere.

That’s definitely something I highly recommend alongside Kirby. Ignore BJB. This time he’s wrong.

I’ve been playing the GBA Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones far too much recently.

Jeff, I would recommend Final Fantasy III, Advance Wars, and Nintendogs. And make sure to try one of the Castlevanias!


P.S. Also, Kirby Canvas Curse, for serious.

Digimon World DS

Not a bad little game.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is superb if you like RPGs. It has some platform-y bits, but they’re fairly slow paced and managable.

For a plane: Clubhouse Games. Backgammon and Solitaire. Might be lame, but great on a plane.

A couple friends recommended Age of Empires: Age of Kings DS. It’s NOT an RTS – to be honest, it feels like Advance Wars (it’s turn-based) done with Age of Empires units and a tiny splash of structure-building. I’m renting it from Gamefly now and it’s pretty fun, with excellent sound and “battle graphics.” It’s not “new,” but I didn’t get the impression it made a splash last year, maybe cause people like me assumed it was an RTS micromanagement fest. It seems among only a handful of DS games that got fairly universal good reviews. It has lots of tutorials (all give you the option to skip “learning” to do things you already know how to do), and is really polished.

It would seem ideal for a looong trip. :)

Gamefly AOE: AOK page

Get Age of Empires. IMO it trumps Advance Wars for top portable strategy game now.

Uhh, gotta disagree on that one. Age of Empires does provide one of the most unique strategy experiences on the DS, but it is quite buggy, particularly in the single player mode. For example, it will sometimes not count correctly, saying that I’ve only captured 3 forts when I actually control 4.

AoE: DS clearly features the most “stuff to do” than any other DS strategy game, but, to me, it doesn’t appear to be as refined or polished than Advance Wars.


I didn’t like the portable Age of Empires. They tried to cram as many of the original game’s features into the new format as they could, and the result is a tedious mess of a design. Advance Wars is much more elegant.

Does AoE on the DS offer skirmish/random map play, or are you locked into following the campaign? I’m looking for an alternative to Civ4 that won’t keep me up until 2 in the morning.

Oh, and Elite Beat Agents can get a little frantic, especially at the higher difficulties. Depending on how forgiving your seatmates are, you may want to pick something a little more sedate for a plane trip.

I know someone else pointed it out but I saw AoE at EB used for 15 bucks last night. I didnt pick it up but I I am going back today to get it.

It’s the same setup as Advance Wars – there are a couple of campaigns, and then a bunch of premade maps. A number are available from the start and you can buy more with points you earn while playing. No random maps.