Yet another GameSpot thread of fun, fun, fun

[color=white][size=1]-- Derek Meister[/size][/color]

am the wolf that hunts in a pack…I am the Vulture that takes down the weak…grins I fight with a ferocity of a beast and think with the skill of a master fighter. I am called Demo Wolf!

Oh, I am so down with that.

Just call me, uh, Scharmers. That’s short for Snakecharmer. Which is kinda furry. I guess.

Goddamn, furries are TOO EASY OF TARGETS AND I FEEL DIRTY PICKING ON THEM. It’s like retard baiting, or asking Linux geeks if they’ve ever kissed a girl.



–linux geek

Guess I can cross Fur Fighters off my “want” list after that mental image.

I wrote about a Gay Furry BDSM Harem in Second Life on my blog. - teh fun!!1

That is quite possibly the gayest sentence I have ever read.

Not discussed were the even stranger politics of a Second Life gay furry harem and how they have all moved in together in real life after knowing each other for two weeks online.

Never mentioned was how the Master of the now-real-life group (yes, it’s a gay, furry, BDSM harem) forbids STD testing, ‘meatbag’ clothes and jobs or contact with the outside world.

Avoided also, discussion about the sex parties where the new gay, furry, BDSM, harem slaves ‘entertain’ guests of the master fur at his order.

Yes, we’re talking real life now. In a neighborhood. Near you.

I’m just going to pretend that’s made up.

Change “blog” to “livejournal” for a flawless victory.

Isn’t Furcadia concrete proof that furries don’t want real games?

Maybe, but then why did Linden Labs have a panel at the latest big damned furry convention?

Oh wait, Second Life isn’t a real game either.

Nope, it’s not, but Dark Life, the game i’ve built with a friend inside second life, is a real game. Game within a game. And a couple of furries play it. Egad!

You know, as I was reading about the whole unwholesome schismatic furry scene, the folks involved in this thread came to mind…

–I don’t like the Follies, but the Follies like me

I wonder if there are furry plane jocks? That would be a scary coalescence of weirdness.

That Falcon thread confuses me. I mean, we’ve got what, 900 different groups of people ganking each other’s code and compiling off brand versions of a seven year old flight simulator, and they all hate each other and wear rabbit suits when coding?

and they all hate each other and wear rabbit suits when coding?

With the petulance displayed between the UT and FF teams (and earlier, the VO, RP, and UT teams), it’s easy to imagine.



Holy crap, was that ever funny