Yet another motherboard suggestion thread

Can’t find my old thread about the disc drive issue right now, but some new issues are showing up on my computer and everything is looking like a new motherboard is going to fix it.

My old motherboard is an asus a8n premium. Right now I’m using ddr 3200 memory and a amd x2 4400 processor 936 chip set. At this point I’m more concerned about keeping the processor at least but memory I can live with buying new ones. In all honestly I want to make this upgrade/fix without killing me in terms of cost. But if it does cost more to get a really reliable motherboard then I’ll put in the extra cash for it. Looking on newegg I see several Asus motherboards but I’m not sure what I should be looking for in terms of specs.

Socket 939 is a dead platform. Yes, you can get a board that supports it, but do not ever expect to do any further upgrades to it, EVAR.

Buy a Compaq.

Yeah, if your S939 MB is toast, then it’s probably time to bite the bullet and get a new MB, CPU, and RAM. If that’s not an option, hunt eBay et al for a used S939 MB and hope it lasts until your next real upgrade.